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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal Lives Are Peaceful

Animal Lives Are Peaceful
A few weeks ago I posted an open-ended question about whether or not I should continue Love Is All and all of you said I should. I will, I am just going to take a bit longer because I came up with another story idea that speaks to me more & I wanna entertain it.
I came up with the idea while typing my sustainability paper & as I sit here watching my aunt's cat (pictured above). I have been really depressed lately; I want to couple it with animals and have the person's memory serve as the basis - the animal brings back a painful memory and the person retells it. I think it might be a 2 parter - one in the past, one in the present. Just an idea though.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sustainability Ethics and Environment

Teaser: People often don't like winter. I think winter is beautiful and a necessity for the Northeast, Midwest and Northwestern parts of the United States. I believe it provides renewal for the earth and gives several life forms a chance to rest for a busy year ahead. I also think snow is just as important as rain. In terms of snow and winter, I want to move to Wisconsin. I get a lot of "what?"s  and "Are you prepared for the winters?" I think Wisconsin is great. To sell my plans and to get people learning about winter and Wisconsin, I might point them to read Sand County Almanac or give them my book, Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch, where I chronicle my adventures through Green Bay. "The sun setting over Lambeau, the cool breeze and cheering fans of a Packers victory over the Cardinals unforgettable" might show them how peaceful and beautiful Wisconsin is. To live Wisconsin, I might point them to a Packers game and they can see how Wisconsinites put pride in their team and how the Packers give a helping hand to the community (I found a lot of Wisconsinites to be very friendly and helpful, when I was there a nice family took me to my hotel after seeing me stranded at the airport when the shuttle bus never came). Once they learn about Wisconsin, they may come to see it differently and value it more. They might even want to spend more time there. But there is no guarantee that this will happen. I can hope they will appreciate Wisconsin, but I can't make them like Wisconsin. Just like if I give them children's books on snow and why they should love the snow, not everyone will develop an appreciation for snow.

Google Docs: Sustainability and Environment

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HOLLLLLAAAA MY PEEPS! I love Peeps. =] This will be my treat when I am done my

I love Peeps. =] This will be my treat when I am done my paper. =]

Part of what I have done:

Forget the eel and salmon sashimi the next time you eat out at your favorite Japanese restaurant. At least that's how NPR reeled me in: "See the Video. Don't eat the Eel" and made me question my eating habits since I love sushi. According to NPR's The Salt, the next time anyone walks into their favorite sushi restaurant should rethink their choice because it could be unsustainable. Going by the headline and thinking, "great, another thing I am being guilt tripped out of eating," as I open the page and find that sushi isn't bad, but the way the seafood for the sushi and sashimi are caught is possibly bad. In a video posted by Bamboo Sushi, the sushi we consume most likely isn't sustainable. Touting themselves as the first sustainable company, the video Bamboo Sushi created shows the following:
"There's real magic in a table that brings together fish from around the world," as the video pans in on a wooden table, four plates of sushi lie upon the table waiting to be devoured. However, no one is around, instead they are on their ship waiting for their nets to catch their fishy gold. Bamboo Sushi is right: no two journeys are the same. These by-catch fish that contain an octopus, dolphins and a shark then sit at this empty table in front of the plates of sushi. It is then we are given the grim news: by 2048, we will be overfished and the fish that are left are closely monitored so there would be no more by-catch. Now, Bamboo Sushi employs these ethics when they fish: no by-catch and they only market with reputable sources. "Your table can trust us," the video ends.

Sushi is touted as the perfect modern food: light and fluffy like a cloud, healthy as an apple (it might even keep the doctors away as well as salmon has many key vitamins), but as the Salt asks, is it sustainable? According to Bamboo Sushi, a sushi joint in Portland, Oregon, it isn't. They tout themselves as the first sustainable sushi joint (they aren't, and the Salt points out that there a few others), but the video with its adorable format, with tiny, handcrafted figures used to tell the tale doesn't hide its depressing message: Most of the sushi we gobble up is harvested using unsustainable methods. A commenter of the story left their blog address and I consulted their blog about sustainability. This poster defines sustainability as something that can be continued indefinitely.  A sustainable system is one in which the inputs feed the outputs and the outputs feed the inputs, leading to a closed cycle which is balanced.  I have seen this imagery in the form of an ouroborus, and Aristotle described the universe as the mythical snake eating its own tail and constantly regenerating.  If we care about self-preservation, it is worth caring about whether we are living sustainably, that is in a way in which we can preserve our collective quality of life or improve it indefinitely." (Agaponzie 1). However, the blog points out what the debate about environmentalism vs. animal rights activism has been going on about for the past few decades: "I'm not here to argue about the right way to live your life, or that you should bike more often than drive, or that you should eat local organic foods because I do not have the answers, and I'm not sure our best actions could solve the current system of unsustainability... Nature will correct itself as it always has and always will." In this essay, I will show that both the animal ethic and the environmental ethic can help sustain our precious earth.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am in the process of writing a philosophy essay (in which I can win $500) and need your opinion on what you think sustainability is. How would you define it? How would you put it into practice? Should the world care more about sustainability? Do you think we do enough as a society? Is there more we can do? At the same time, nature is violent and kills things, should we police nature as well?

I have a working introduction. I'm not sure about it. It's due April 2nd. Thanks for your help!

Can sushi be sustainable? That was the question of the day on National Public Radio’s (NPR) The Salt. Sustainable? I had never thought of sushi being sustainable—NPR made me realize that maybe I have taken the things I consume for granted. For thousands of years man and woman walked the earth and consumed all of her resources without batting an eyelid. Our ancestors weren’t concerned with what they did as long as they survived the harsh environment they called home. Nowadays, most strive toward sustainability, which for this essay is defined as living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.   As a nation and a powerhouse, we strive for sustainability in our aquaculture, agriculture and as a society, but are we living up to our goals of being one with nature? Almost.  We are not perfect (and never will be), but I am not sure if we want to be wholly harmonious since it goes against nature to be in total harmony.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ah the first sign of Spring warm breezes pink petals sway toward

Ah, the first sign of Spring,
warm breezes, pink petals
sway toward the fluffy clouds,
Ah, the first sign of Spring
I love you so.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

Happy Hunger games!And may the odds be ever in your favor!

The movie rocked! I would definitely recommend it. It's worth the $10 and the 2.5 hours it runs. I am in the process of reading the book. I'm on chapter 6 and the movie slightly deviated from the book, but once I finish I could confirm better. Let's just say some parts of the movie were surprising, but in a good way.

Taylor cheered me up a little. :) After the movie, we went shopping. I bought a nose ring, some makeup and two shirts. I am unsure about the nose ring, but I'm going to try it for a bit.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Upper Merion Area High School's Seussical the Musical (pt 1)

"A person is a person, no matter how small."

Everyone loves Horton's mantra and Upper Merion High School didn't miss a beat in their production of Seussical the Musical. Steven Burke, who plays the lovable Cat in the Hat; Megan McGee as JoJo and Evan Rieger as Horton, mesh together and bring the performance together. It is in their syncing that pulls the rest of the cast together to put on a great show.

This is not the full review, but what do you think of it so far?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tim Tebow: A Polarizing Figure

“I like Tim Tebow,” I say to my dad after the devastating loss against the New England Patriots in January.

“You do?” He looks a combination of shocked and disgusted. Of course, I am a Packers fan and will bleed green and gold for life, but there is something about Tebow that I like. Maybe it’s his cuteness (okay, it’s not that… not that shallow) or his conviction to his faith regardless of the naysayers. It just is: I like Tebow.

Sadly, the Broncos don’t seem to agree as Tebow was traded this week. The following links follow the tale of Tebow’s sports and religious journey:

Regardless, I won a bid on a Tim Tebow Broncos jersey for $30! ^_^

The jersey I won.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Infinite's Reception/ Love Is All change

Infinite loved my article! They commented on it on Facebook:

This made my day. :)


I am changing Love is All around a bit.What do you think of this as a beginning. It's still a work in progress.

Well, I walk upon the river like it's easier than land. Solitude. Music blares out of Alex's (going to change name, not sure to what yet) headphones. It was going to be a long train ride from Clifton Heights to Mountain Top. She picks up her pen filled with green ink and smooths the paper's crease in her journal.

"He's a douchebag," her friend's voice rings through Alex's thoughts. The neon lights bring out the shocking hue of the blue walls. It reminds Alex of a rock star heaven with obnoxious walls, blaring music and alcohol that flows freely. Yet, despite the aura of the bar, the screen of the phone lights up and captures Alex's attention. Jess (going to change this name too... not sure to what yet). Jess, her heart flutters and sinks at the same time.

"What's wrong," her friend had asked after witnessing the sudden drop of the martini glass with half emptied cosmopolitan. Alex doesn't know what comes over her, she never lets her friends get involved in her affairs, but she hands over her phone to her friend: "look." Alex gulps down the rest of her cosmopolitan, Adele's depressing voice echoing in the background, and snaps her fingers: "waiter!waiter! Jack and coke please!"

In the pale yellow light that shines above Alex's table, muted by the neon and the mirrors in the room, her friend hands her back her phone. "Like I said, it still stands. He's a douchebag! He only said 'my bad' when he should be here! He's a sorry excuse for a human being!"

"He can go fuck himself!"Alex clenches her teeth and picks up her Jack and coke. "I'm so mad, I wish I could text," she thinks a bit - the alcohol was getting to her, "but, I won't." The phone continues to rest on the table...

More later...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Infinite: The Best Piercing Joint on South Street

Infinite: The Best Piercing Joint in Town

“I was very nervous about getting piercings. But the piercers answered every question, gave me advice, and did not pressure me at all into getting it done. They really care about your health and safety rather than just making money. Kyle told me to wait to get my piercing until after my summer vacation so that I could enjoy without worrying about the care of a new piercing. I really appreciated their honesty and concern. My piercer Kellan was also very approachable, understanding, experienced and smart. He made sure I understood everything about the procedure, pros and cons, and the care of the piercing before we decided whether or not to do it. HE really took his time explaining and doing the piercing. So in response to those who complain about the long wait, this might be the reason why there's a wait. So really it's a good thing. The staff is really chill and they joke around with you yet still manage to keep their professionalism. the follow-up and support care is great. they even told me I could contact out of state piercers that they knew if I needed anything if I was away. I'm now a loyal customer. it's great! if you want a piercing, go HERE!” –Yahoo Review

“It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son,” John Fogerty’s voice comes blaring out of the speaker as I sit on the black leather table waiting to get pierced. It is relaxing; people would think of me as crazy knowing I find Fogerty’s voice soothing, but most would find me brave sitting upon this table waiting for the needle to go through my ear.

I found Infinite Body Piercing shop in May 2011 after searching for APP (Association for Professional Piercers) piercing parlors after the debacle of getting my nose pierced in a non-APP environment in 2010 (my friend used to be an APP Piercer and pierced me in 2009, hence why I usually go for artists that were trained). Infinite is located at 626 S. Fourth Street and is one of the best piercing parlors in Philadelphia. Infinite Body Piercing opened in February of 1995, and became Philadelphia's first (and only) shop devoted exclusively to body piercing. Experienced and following the golden rules of the APP, the employees are both fun and professional.

Infinite opens at noon every day and I arrive there five minutes after opening time. Opening the door, it’s still locked and a guy with tattooed sleeves, thick gauged ears, a beard and glasses opens the door for me. Greeted by others inked in tattoos, pierced with multiple piercings, some might be intimidated by their looks. For me, I love the look and always have.

“May I help you,” a blonde haired girl asks as she directs me toward the counter that houses the body jewelry.

“Yeah, I’d like a rook piercing,” I reply quietly that I have to repeat myself.

“I need to see your ID.” I dig my wallet out of my purse and hand her my ID. She begins to make a copy and I am handed a form I must sign before I get pierced.

As I finish signing the form, I nervously say and then ask, “I run a travel blog. I’m going to write about my trip and review Infinite. Can someone get my picture while I get pierced?”

She smiles, “Of course!” Then she tells me that Kyle, the one who opened the door for me, is going to be my piercer.

Kyle walks up to me and introduces himself. It is nice to meet the kindly gentleman that opened and greeted me. The kindly woman who obliged my request for photographs tells Kyle pictures will be taken. A smile lights up his face. “Awesome! I’m glad I got dressed up nice and brushed my hair today!”

I am lead, with camera in hand, to the second room on my left. I am told I will be cleaned up first and then they will get the pictures. As soon as we are in the room, I peel off my coat from the “we are supposed to have rain today, but it’s not rainy and it’s hot unlike the cold we said it was going to be” weather. Before I sit down on the table, Kyle has his iPod in hand and asks me what I want to listen to. I’m speechless, such a question to ask to the music enthusiast. I finally reply, “I am cool with anything—“ but before I can finish, he picks something.

“And when they play hail to the chief,” the lyric and the awesome riff catches my attention. “I love this song! I haven’t heard it in ages,” I exclaim to Kyle as my head is tilted and he draws on my ear where the rook piercing will go.

Positioning my head back to normal, I look at myself in the mirror. Where the blue dot was placed looks perfect. “This is perfect,” I say with a smile; I can’t contain my excitement. I sit back down and am told to breathe in and exhale through my nose. I am used to this mantra that it is second nature to me.

“You’re a warhorse. You were so easy to pierce. Others flinch and squirm,” Kyle tells me when the rook is placed in my snuggly in my ear. I smile and say, “it didn’t hurt at all” and it didn’t—I only felt the little pin prick (much like giving blood) and some pressure, then it was all done.

If you’re in Philadelphia and want to get pierced, go to Infinite! As the reviewer above stated, Infinite is very clean—Kyle showed me the bio waste receptacle where all the instruments used go into after the piercing is done—and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The counter staff are friendly and very knowledgeable and the piercers really care about their customers. They give great advice on what to get done, show you how to care for the piercing and other precautions or information you need to know. I have never had a bad experience at Infinite and all my piercings never became infected—they know what they are talking about!

Cleanliness 

Friendliness 

Helpful 

Piercing Price $$$

Jewelry Price $$

Overall Price $$

= bad = Excellent $= cheap $$$$$= expensive

Sunday, March 18, 2012

1st Draft: Infinity on South Street

It's nowhere close to being done. Dear readers, I need your help. How does the essay sound so far? Should I describe more the people that own Infinity? Should I talk about how they obliged to get pictures for my blog? How about the whole conversations? Let me post what I have so far. It'll be in yellow and be in the font called Georgia. Any comments are appreciated!

Stepping out into the light of day from the long El ride from 69th Street to 5th Street, I begin my tour of the historical district of Philadelphia. The cobblestone streets, the colonial houses, and horse drawn carriages quickly turn to concrete streets, row homes and the noisy, steel cars that zip past the horses. In this hustle and bustle, 5th Street quickly turns to 4th Street—the center of South Street.

A quick history of South Street reveals that in the 1960s and 1970s, South Street was filled with clubs and bars that fostered a live local music community. It was not uncommon for South Philadelphians to "bar-hop" across the clubs, listening to live bands along the way. This community of fans helped attract recording contracts for many artists, including Kenn Kweder, the "bard of South Street" and George Thorogood.

It is in this history that South Street has the reputation of promoting the alternative lifestyle—punks, metal heads, and other “bad asses” frequent here although South Street is one of the largest tourist attractions in Philadelphia. It is in this aura that pulls people into the eclectic shops and restaurants. There have been many songs written about South Street such as a band by the name of Fear 1982 song "I Don't Care About You", which name-checks the neighborhoods associated with the punk movement in the United States in the early 1980s, begins with the line, "I'm from South Street Philadelphia." A 1988 song, “Punk Rock Girl,” by the Dead Milkmen makes reference to Zipperhead, a store that sells punk and other alternative clothes. Zipperhead is now called Crash Bang Boom which has been relocated since.

I personally love South Street and have since I was thirteen when my parents took me after watching “Cats.” At thirteen South Street was all about exploring the myriad of CD shops to look for that Good Charlotte or Casualties or Kittie or Murderdolls CD (which always proved successful when the store clerks with pink or purple hair would help and make suggestions). At 22, it is all about experiencing the bar and hookah café atmosphere and getting pierced.

Located on 626 South 4th Street, Infinity Piercing Inc. is one of the best piercing shops in Philadelphia. Follow Association for Professional Piercers (APP) guidelines, the employees are both fun and professional. 

The tragus (outer ear) and Rook (inner) are the two piercings I had done at Infinity.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Piercing

I decided on the piercing I wanted to get and got it done yesterday:

It's the one in the inner ear. It's called a rook. :)

I am writing a review about the place (I got three others done there as well), I will post tomorrow.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wind blows his hair

I decided that I am going to scrapbook the pictures of the day in Philadelphia with Sean. Although it didn’t pan out, he was still a good friend and I will always have a place in my heart for him (if that makes sense). I decided to write a few poems about the day. I think I am going to do that for every page in my yearbook. Anyway, it’s for my scrapbook; how does it sound:

(poem 1--haiku)
The wind blows his hair

Neatly placed in tight pigtails

Laughs, hookah, and cake.

(Poem 2-- Free verse)
Red lanterns gently blow in the breeze,

Cool, the sun hides behind the clouds;

Chattering of the hustle and bustle

The busy city streets, alive and busy—

Hordes of people surround us,

Yet we are lost in each other’s brown eyes.

Shaking, is it the chill of the air or nerves?

Ambling along the shoreline, the sun sets,

Ben Franklin in the far distance, tugging our heartstrings—

The waves violently crash to shore,

Birds descend upon freshly thrown crumbs.

“Shall we go? It’s getting colder;” he whispers

Amongst the peppermint flavored smoke

In the dimly lit sheesha café, mellowed out.

The Middle East comes alive in America!

And so did China and so did I.

Hearts beat quickly; the kiss is planted

In the brightness of the moon and train platform.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jerry Watkins

Well, last night Sean didn't show (again) and hasn't called. I'm not calling him and nan said I shouldn't. Nan and I agreed that if he does call, we'll be friends but only by phone and Facebook (nan said it's unfair for me to go to him). As much as I want him to call, I have a feeling he isn't and I have lost a friend. It's disappointing... but I am going to write more about it later. For now, I want to show you the good time I had at Screwballs last night and with the amazing performer, Jerry Watkins.

I did two Irish Car Bombs too:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flower Show 2012: Review

The week of March 4-11, 2012 marked the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. This year the theme is Hawaii and in this paradise one can see anything from cascading waterfalls to exotic orchids that are in full bloom. Waves, set up by a scaffold of flowers and computer generated aquatic motion, welcome guests into this paradise.

Yet, there is something about these waves that seem unprofessional. After the "ohs" and "ahs" of peoples' awe disappear, the scaffolding that was built looks rather out of place. How to enter and exit the doors are made almost impossible from people standing looking at all that is going on in the wave. With everyone standing around at the whole show, it filled up quickly and it was hard to maneuver through--rather disorganized.

Hawaii is hard to capture as it is--the displays we boring and the only significant flower they had were the orchids. I was hoping to find more flower life than shrubs and displays by various vendors. Apparently, the Flower Show is all about the vendors. Hopefully next year will be better!

Though, I can honestly say, the demonstration of Japanese floral arranging was pretty cool:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Flower Show 2012

Yesterday I went to the Flower Show and I can honestly say I was disappointed. I will write my critique for later, but I want to share some photos. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Town Delight

Some day I hope to be a travel and food writer as well as a poetess. Of course, this is just a beginning piece because I didn't take name of the restaurant. But, enjoy!

The year of the Dragon. When people hear about this sign on the Chinese calendar, they think of greatness. Philadelphia wasn’t left out of this loop either—China Town, which starts on 12th and Vine streets, decorated with beautiful red lanterns scattered throughout and under the archway.

We—Sean and me—walk along the entrance of China Town and are amazed by the site. The Trocadero is located here and we walk past. He saw cKy there a few times and was telling me about the amazing times that are had at the venue. I long to go in, but it’s closed, so we continue on to look for restaurants.
We stroll along China Town, under the red orbs that will soon be lit as the sun slowly sets. The hustle and bustle of the streets almost make it hard for us to hear one another, but a beautiful conversation does take place. Then, then! I spot a restaurant, a restaurant I paid cash in with no receipt and the name escapes me, that sign’s read BEST PEKING DUCK in town. “Ohhh, Peking Duck!” I exclaim to Sean.

“Would you like to eat there?”


It’s a nice place, despite it being warm in there—we have to strip off our coats as soon as we sit down. The layout of the table is nice; green tea sits in a teapot to the side of us. The teacups are neatly placed on the napkin that gently decorates the plate below.

“Care for some tea?” Sean declines; I don’t know why I went for the tea as it was like an inferno in that restaurant, but I had tea nonetheless. Through tea and water, conversation ensues.

The General Tso that Sean orders is to die for. We each share our meals with one another. I generally don’t eat the dirty rice (not an egg fan), but I tried some of Sean’s and it was not bad—you couldn’t taste the egg (good in my book). When my Peking duck finally comes out, it is to die for. For $13.50, it’s not a lot to eat, so I finished quickly. Sean had some too; we both agreed that this Peking duck was the best in Philadelphia.

If anyone is in Philadelphia, look for a restaurant that has a red sign and in yellow letters spell out “BEST PEKING DUCK IN TOWN.” Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it will not let you down and will be nirvana for your taste buds. Of course, don’t forget to wear a tank top—it gets really warm in the establishment! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Continuing On

After reading everyone’s comments from Friday, I decided I am not going to give up on my story. Instead I will work on snippits at a time, it might seem disjointed and out of order (I tend to write when an idea comes to mind), but the writing process is like that!

I worked on a little part of the story, which might be used for the end. I’m going to post it here without the lyric to correspond, then again with the lyric I think corresponds. I’ll also post the lyrics too for an opinion of what would work the best.

The train engine roars. The night is ending—although I don’t want it to. Smoke billows out into the night sky; covering the glow of Jupiter and the sparkling of stars.

“I wish I didn’t have to go,” I say with an air of sadness.

“Me too, but good things must come to an end,” he replies.

We walk to the train, arm in arm; I’m in a daze from the hit we took of foul green Indian spice as we walked along Strawberry Street. I would generally be afraid to travel this alone at night in the city, but I feel safe and comfortable with him. I’m still dazed when we arrive to the side of the violently chugging train.

“Thank you for the good time,” I whisper in his ear as I hug him and plant a kiss on his cheek. In my hookah and spiced daze, a few more kisses are exchanged.

“Love you—“I look, but people cover my view of him. Did he say that? I think. In this daze, it could have been someone else. I froze. “Call me!” I hear as I walk onto the platform of the train.

“Oh my God,” I type quickly on my phone to my friend.

“What?” the reply reads.

I glow, “I got a small little kiss.”

With the lyric I think corresponds. Lyrics are here:

And I’ll throw you in the current that I stand upon so still. The train engine roars. The night is ending—although I don’t want it to. Smoke billows out into the night sky; covering the glow of Jupiter and the sparkling of stars.

“I wish I didn’t have to go,” I say with an air of sadness.

“Me too, but good things must come to an end,” he replies.

We walk to the train, arm in arm; I’m in a daze from the hit we took of foul green Indian spice as we walked along Strawberry Street. I would generally be afraid to travel this alone at night in the city, but I feel safe and comfortable with him. I’m still dazed when we arrive to the side of the violently chugging train.

“Thank you for the good time,” I whisper in his ear as I hug him and plant a kiss on his cheek. In my hookah and spiced daze, a few more kisses are exchanged.

“Love you—“I look, but people cover my view of him. Did he say that? I think. In this daze, it could have been someone else. I froze. “Call me!” I hear as I walk onto the platform of the train.

“Oh my God,” I type quickly on my phone to my friend.

“What?” the reply reads.

I glow, “I got a small little kiss.”

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jim McAndrew; July 27, 1987-March 5, 2011

For those of you who don't know, today marks the year anniversary of my friend's murder. I don't feel like getting into all the details, but you can check out my blog from last year and the news story:

In Shock

I'm finally starting to cry, I think keeping busy all day has kept me calm, but now I am feeling it. I wrote a poem:

Yearbook: One Year Later

Look at this photograph,
your brown eyes that stare back;
that smirk always makes me laugh.
I always fell in love with it--
your hair, long at the time, nicely kept;
the shirts always brought out, well lit,
the beauty of your face;
the soft contours, the masculine tone--
no wonder why I fell at fast pace:
ninth grade was such a confusing time,
yet with that congenial smile, you helped me through--
the Led Zeppelin conversations, your Myspace mime,
I wish that could have last.
As I look through this yearbook,
one year, four seasons, have passed,
I will never forget the face that looks back,
although black and white, ink splashed:
I will never forget your colours
and the few memories never lack
in the love and admiration I felt for you.
In this darkness, sadness continues to shine through--
2005 will forever change in the wake of 2011,
I miss you, Jimbo, the pain is felt daily--
I can't believe it has been a year:
March the Fifth will forever be etched
and burned; the day life was snuffed.
I will never forget you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Philadelphia with Sean

Today I went to Philadelphia with Sean. :) It was such a great time and it definitely was worth the two week wait. ♥ We went to China Town then South Street to the hookah bar. Today was the best day of my life. I definitely got some ideas for "Love Is All" and some poems.

Philadelphia with Sean

Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Thread: Should I Continue?

Hello dear readers!

This week I've been experiencing bad writer's block. I am debating whether or not I should continue with Love is All? If I do continue, what can I do to improve? Should I make it less real life? Should I change some of the foul language? What would you like seen done?

Thanks for answering and helping me, dear readers. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Bay Royalty

Dad is on call all this week; this morning I saw him and he said he talked to his ex-coworker, the one that's brother-in-law is a coach. He told dad that closer to my trip he will talk to his brother-in-law and him and his sister-in-law will treat me like royalty. Maybe I'll get to stay with them as well. ^_^ I really hope I can meet the players... that is a dream I have. It would be cool if I could get into the locker room as well. Eee! So excited! Now, I wonder if Chad received my letter. My trip is starting to fall into place. :)