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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day via the Bus

Today is Valentine’s Day and although single, these are the days which remind me I am happy regardless if I am dating or not (always been single on Valentine’s Day). Today on the bus to work, I didn’t even realize I took my phone out of my purse and I unintentionally left it on the bus. A rider saw it and called for me after I got off and handed the phone to me. I was grateful and I hope he heard my gratitude because as Seth put it, “well, that would have sucked” if it hadn’t been for him. It was this man’s act of kindness that helped me recall the positive feelings I get from riding the bus. This is in no way, shape or form a good copy, but it’s a draft for an essay I would like to eventually write.

“It’s filthy!” “You better watch yourself; there are a lot of crazies!” I have heard been thrown around since taking public transportation. Of course, these are the clean versions of more derogatory phrases. Yes, you hear about horrible crimes taking place on city transportation (I still hear it from my grandma, but regardless I still love riding the el and trolley to the city), but for the most part it is not true. Yes, some unsavory characters do ride public, but a majority of the people riding is really nice, law-abiding, and honest people. I have met a lot of honest people on Septa Bus 92 and have made many friends along the way.

“I’m sorry, but you have failed. You did a California roll…” I heard the instructor say. I hated driving, but since I wanted to commute I would have to grin and bear it.

“I’m sorry, you have gone over your six tries,” but everyone sucks at parallel parking I thought. Again, a failure.

That night after mom talked to Buddy, her boss’s son, I was reassured a bus went to West Chester. Hooray, I thought, now I don’t have to worry about anything and I hate driving!

August 2008. Dad and I board the 7am bus to West Chester. We are to meet mom at the University to see the route it takes; where it stops, where it begins and the duration of the trip. A kindly black bus driver greets us and dad and I make instant friends with him—we chat during the whole bus ride and he was the one that helped me along my first week of classes. He was assigned a new route a month after classes began and I never did thank him, but I am grateful for all his help during the confusing first month of being a college student.

Since 2008 I have made countless friends that I gotten to know on a first name basis. When I first started riding the bus in 2008 there was this (what sounded to be) Irish guy that in the five minutes he had to ride the bus we became the best of friends. I didn’t catch his name, however, but he would always bring me tea and gave me a Rammstein shirt. To this day I still have that shirt. I’ve met Claire and Marsha on the bus and we all became instant friends—without the bus I wouldn’t have these two wonderful friends.


  1. He sounds like a good individual: too many people nowadays would just take the phone for themselves. It pleases me to hear about individuals such as this rider who made sure you didn't lose your phone.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jessica! :)

  2. HVD.
    I lose my phone all the time myself (therefore it's a cheap model).

    "since taking public transportation"? I don't know if that's stated too well... rather, "since I started to take public transportation", perhaps? Also, "a majority of the people riding is really nice, law-abiding, and honest people" strikes me oddly.
    "is people"? I think it could be okay, but that still struck my ear as a little odd.

    Never have ridden the bus to the CITY, per se...

    What are California rolls? That only brings sushi to mind.

    Did you really start riding the 92 in 2008?

  3. California rolls are you take a brief pause at the stop sign, then you go. Apparently you don't stop fully.

    Yep. ^_^ 2008. That's when I was a freshman. Ah, how time flies.


      Wow. T_T We're getting old fast!!

  4. I know! I graduate December 2013!