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Monday, February 13, 2012

Piercing Ideas

Ever since going to South Carolina in 2009 and Anna piercing my cartilage, I have been getting a piercing each year. It has become a ritual. I am going to post my right and left ear, plus a diagram of piercing types. Please, please help me decide what I should get. :)

This is my left ear (above).

My right ear (above).

So, what should I get?


  1. I think you have enough :O but this is just my opinion.

  2. I'd really like something like this for your upper left cartilage, or the snug!

  3. Thanks guys. :) Katie, I'm checking out that blog now. :)

  4. i have most of those. just not my snug or forward helix. honestly....for all of them, pain is pretty much the same, healing is pretty much the same. it all depends on how you want it too look. i'm ocd with my piercings, and they needa be an even number, plus almost completely even on each side. if i had room, id get my snug, but that's just me.

  5. PJ, I am the same way... they have to be even as well. That's why choosing has been so hard, lol. I am thinking forward helix, I just like the way the picture looks.

    Thanks for all your help. :)

  6. No doubt, ear piercings are the most traditional among all the piercings. All those above are unique and latest types of ear piercings, nice blog.