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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Penrose: A Quad Article

I wrote the following for the school newspaper; I hope it makes it:

I am warm inside of Screwballs in King of Prussia, PA from the cold evening of January 27. I am seeing a new band—Penrose—a long way from the 80s rock bands I usually. I saw them in November and I liked the sound they had; clear and heavy, they blend today with the bygone era of 70s heavy metal, blues and hard rock. The boys of the band also steal my heart with their blond hair and crystal blue eyes—the lead singer’s baby face captured my heart the most. But, beyond looks, they can rock.

Forming in their home town of Wayne, PA in 2009, Penrose consists of Tom, Pat and Dan Murphy. The Murphies that form Penrose blends hard rock and blues together for a successful symphony. Penrose's songs hit a chord with the audience in Screwballs. A family in attendance on Friday night brought their young children and the little girl mentioned to her father that she "loves them" and thinks they "sound good." Everyone in the establishment loved the mixture of blues (Eric Clapton) and hard rock (Black Sabbath); the Murphies can write songs as well as play them.

The Murphy brothers don't disappoint; I'm in awe of Penrose's performance and the decibels their instruments emit sound better than the songs they cover. There's something about a live show that makes one come alive. Penrose’s songs also leave me breathless and speechless. They definitely knows how to put on a good show. Mark Schinski, the band’s manager and friend (a friend of mine as well), opened for the band and played a perfect rendition of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'". He also makes fun of Adele's "Rolling In the Deep." Schinski sets up for an awesome show.

Dan’s guitar rips the riffs that accentuate the bellowing of Pat’s bass and the beating of Tom’s drums—for Penrose this is a smashing (literally and figuratively) cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs.” The way the song is played gives "War Pigs" a heavier sound and more heart than what Ozzy gave the song back in the 70s. Penrose later plays songs from Modest Mouse and Pink Floyd, which being more familiar with Pink Floyd than Modest Mouse, sounded like I was listening to them on the radio—Penrose’s playing is very clean and distorts when the song calls for it. They also played their songs “Devil’s Grip” and “Crooked Teeth” with such clarity—the way the songs are played are beyond words, they are amazing. The people sitting at the bar feel the vibrations and watch the show as intensely as I do in the front row.

They currently play in Philadelphia and the King of Prussia area, but looking to play the Note sometime soon. To keep up with the band, you can follow their website at or “like” Penrose on Facebook. On their Facebook and via their site, you can also sample their music. The Murphy brothers’ playing skills and musicianship will not disappoint you!

Jessica Marie Cavaliere is a Fourth Year English major with minors in Creative Writing and Philosophy.


  1. ::fingers cross:: I also hope that they contact my friend about a radio show.