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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love is All: Quarter Edit

I sent this to Andrew, but I am posting here:

I’ve been working on a story based on a song by the Tallest Man on Earth called “Love is All.” I’ve been experiencing a lot of emotions lately regarding Sean. He couldn’t come again on Saturday; he worked a double and was tired. I didn’t know he fell back to sleep until later when he woke up. My friend was mad and started calling him really bad names. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t speak up. We went to see one of my favorite bands and the Irish car bomb hit me badly and I followed suite with the bad names. He did text apologizing for falling back to sleep and I almost texted him something that I think would have made me lose everything. I am glad I didn’t. My friend said to ignore all communication with him. I did that yesterday for a bit, then he sent me, “I already feel really guilty about everything and if you don’t want to be my friend, just tell me.” We had a heart to heart and it turns out we care deeply for one another. He lives 2 hours away by bus (surprisingly mom brought it to my attention that maybe it was hard for him to get to our house with the bus and all and I shouldn’t hold that against him…after all I feel the same way after a week of taking the bus sometimes too) and we basically came to the conclusion that if we want to hang out we would decide the day before and whatnot. It all depends on finances too. I know my friend isn’t going to be happy; both mom and gram said, “she might not like him, but that shouldn’t affect you. It is your relationship.” I never cared so deeply for someone before. Even if it’s only turns out to be friends only, I want him in my life. Still things are a bit confusing and my emotions are all over the place. Gotta love butterflies.

Anyway, I am going to change things around a bit to add my motions and just change the whole feel. I will post the changes in my blog later, but I want to send it to you so you can compare and tell me which parts I should keep and take out for the other version of my story.




Love is All

Based on the song by The Tallest Man on Earth

Well, I walk upon the river like it’s easier than land, the guitar riffs and echoing of the loud drums from my favorite band blasts out of my headphones. Life had been like that lately—treading in the currents of confusion and emotions, yet these currents were also beautiful and painted a picture full of colour, life and possibility.

“You know it’s really up to you with what you want to do, not someone else,” my grandmother had said. We usually bonded once a week on the bus when we would go to the rehabilitation and physical therapy center.

“I know. But, what my friend said… I love my friend dearly, but I care deeply for him.”

“Well, there you go. Your friend might not like him, but it’s your relationship and not hers.”

Oh, your will is in my hand. Those names echo through my head. He did disappoint me when he didn’t show up and called to tell me he couldn’t come. My friend loathed him for that—twice—inexcusable in her book. I love my friend dearly, but there was something that wasn’t sitting right with me. I wanted to listen to my friend, but there is something in my heart and my mind that told me that despite everything, I like him and at least he called. It might have sucked, but I might be a fool for being too understanding. But, aren’t we all fools when it comes to feelings of the heart? Maybe there are just some things that I need to decide for myself. Maybe this is one of those instances.

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