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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love in Strange Places

Dear Readers,
I am teaching a class on the basics of Word 2010 for my job, so this story serves as a purpose for the beginners. I was thinking of expanding upon it more, but I am in a rut. I feel rambly, but I am not sure how to change things. I definitely want to keep the song and the book part because well, some people read and I want my character to be a reader. I also want the book to signify as foreshadowing with the questions, but I feel the questions would add too much. I’m not into romance novels and I don’t remember Romeo and Juliet fully (Claire, you might be able to help me with this!). When I get home from work I want to do some more brainstorming, but how would this little snippet for my class be as a starting point?
Thanks dear readers, sorry for all my questions! I just want to write this story and I want to bounce my ideas off of things. Please e-mail me with comments and suggestions!
Thanks again!
Please read the following story. For your first task, I want you to find and replace (by click the replace button on the editing tab) and change the name “I” to your name, “[her]” to “my”, “to school” to your favorite location, “my roommate” to “my family”, “my dad” to the name of someone close to you and change “Bus Love” to “Love in Strange Places.”  Next, highlight “Love in Strange Places,” center and bold it. Please change the font to Cambria and change the size to 14. For the rest of the story, please highlight it, change the font to Times New Roman and change the font size to 12.Italicize “some people are just born lucky.”  Add a header with your name and footer with page numbers. Change margins to 1 inch. Number the questions. Also, make that list single spaced. Bullet the list “kindness, gentleness, holds conversation, cute” and also single space the list.
Bus Love
Who would have thought that you could find love on public transportation? Every year around Valentine’s Day I would see those stories about the lucky few that “found [her] soul mate” by riding “Rt. 100 everyday” to school. Riiight, I would think, some people are just born lucky. I would never in my wildest dreams have that chance.  Who would have thought that you could find love on public transportation? I did and it was to the total of $600 and a shared iPod; something a website could never tell you.
The things that I’ve loved/The things that I’ve lost/ The things I’ve held sacred what I have dropped. Chris Cornell’s voice echoes into my ears with the symphony of bass and guitar. I have loved this song since Sophomore year of high school. Yet, I should be paying attention toRomeo and Juliet to answer these questions
What does Romeo’s meeting of Juliet signify?
How does the quarrels of the Montegues’ and Capulets’ factor into the budding romance?
I never liked Romeo and Juliet:
“But why?!” Liz’s face would always contort in shock and horror. She was a born romantic at heart. When we passed notes back and forth she would always have the following lists:
Holds conversation
I tried it a few times, oh boy I did. But it never worked out. High school for me was an awkward failure time with guys and relationships. Nothing ever worked out; I am just plain old unlucky. And besides, Romeo and Juliet take love to the extreme. It reminds me of something I watched on the ID channel…

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