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Thursday, February 2, 2012

حب و طقوس الزواج/ Love and Marriage

حب و طقوس الزواج

كان يدرس حب و طقوس الزواج مقدس يشبون. حب هي الاخلاص و الثقة و التفاهم. هي وراء الجمال مادي. الجمال يكمن في طريقة التفير و أخلاق برأيي حفلات الزفاف  يصبح الزينة المال و الوضع الاجتماعي. هو ورط المهر—الخاتم و ملاباس و المال. باختصار, يمكن نسيان الحب. 

الحب هو زائل ،
اشتعلت النيران،
سرقة، الإشتهاء -
الاخلاص والثقة ؛
النار تحرق الزاهية،
بلادي جميلة ، والرب عز وجل،
الله يرحم لي ،
ومضات اللهب ويبلد؛
الحب هو زائل.

This roughly translates to this: I was taught that love and marriage is sacred. Love takes not only commitment, but faithfulness, trust and shared mentalities. When it comes to weddings, people sometimes forget about love and it becomes an ornament of money. It becomes some sort of dowry with the ring, clothes and finances

The poem translates exactly like

Love is fleeting,
the flames burst,
rustling, lusting—
faithfulness and trust;
the fire burns brightly,
my beautiful, lord almighty,
Allah have mercy on me—
The flame flickers and dulls;
Love is fleeting.


  1. Thank you for fixing the CAPTCHA requirement! ^_^

    Does everything in Arabic have to focus on Allah (pbuh?)?

    This poem makes me wonder how flames dull as opposed to get muffled.

  2. Yep, sadly. :( Allah is so important in Arab culture that it's wow. Apparently, according to my prof, if you fail a test in Arab culture, it's fate and they say it's the will of Allah.

    1. O_o Well, okay then.

      It's not letting me comment again: "Your OpenID credentials could not be verified."

      Trying the name/URL one.

  3. Personally, writing about love makes me sick. :\ I just can't feel it right.

    1. There are plenty of other subjects outside of love.

    2. Yeah, I stick there. Though that Love in Strange Places might be a good piece.

      A friend of mine wrote this:

      I was thinking of going a little off of that.

    3. How do you think you could go off that?

      (I essentially skimmed due to the oppressive number of magazines clamouring for my attention in the corner - just made it to Current Events describing a conference in January of 2011 - so I'm only a little behind)

  4. Something obscure! I dunno, what's the most shallow way of meeting someone? I could put a twist on it. Then again, maybe not. I might just keep my story for class only.

    1. Well, if it's going to be obscure, it is automatically not going to be like anything anyone's ever tried before.

      I think the most shallow way of meeting someone would be begging for a relationship on, say,