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Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Plan a NFL Party - Relay Race

I played this game while I was out in Green Bay at the tailgate party before the Packers game. It's a great game for competitiveness and bizarre antics on the part of everyone--daring the loser to chug a shot of something or winning prizes--this game will definitely put a smile on everyone's face, even the most competitive of the group.

1.) Break into two or three groups. Name each group for a quarterback (for example: Team Rivers, Team Rodgers and Team Tebow). There should be two people to a group.
2.) As they walk, they must alternate the plastic cups. They should circle the cone until they get to the point where they started. No dropping.
3.) Once person #1 finishes, pass the stack of cups to person #2. They will have to repeat.
4.) Whomever gets back first wins!

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