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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dew and Sands

My darling, love is found
On the veins of the leaves,
The pulsating motion lives
Day to day, it rises and it sleeps
Making the tree and flowers come alive.

My darling, love is found
Inside the rocks and stones,
The coldest and darkest of places.
It hibernates, but is the strongest
Through turbulence of seas and wind.

My darling, love is found
In the dew of the grass,
Tiny and often forgotten—
It cools in the heat of summer
And warms in the coldest of winter;

But when the dews melt, my darling,
Love is fleeting.
The only thing you can rely on
Is the sun and moon rising,
Setting for the black of nights.
The stars that twinkle and glow,
Eventually burning out;
And the seasons, four in all—
The birth, renewal and death
And the dews and sands of time.