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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clown Shoes

Prompt from the Writer’s Cramp (
You receive a package in the mail. There is no return address. Inside the box are a large pair of clown shoes filled with jelly beans. Write the STORY or POEM. First or third person is fine.

“There’s a package waiting for you,” dad simply states,
“Oh boy! Oh boy! A package for me!” it’s not too late
For my mind to race. “What could it be?
This package that is only meant for me?”
So, as soon as the car screeches to a halt,
I jump and run, no longer being held by bolts—
There it is, draped in shiny gold wrap,
Neatly addressed, the letters carefully tapped—
Woosh, rip, woooosh, the paper tears;
What’s this? Shoes? But these I can’t wear,
They’re clown shoes! But what’s this?
Shoes filled with jelly beans? This is
Not funny, yet it is funny—
“Dear My love full and sunny,”
The letter begins,
“I write to you because I win
And have won a bet
That is beginning to set
With this greedy clown,
Handing me his shoes and crown
And jelly beans to give to my love,
Inside one you will spot a dove
To symbolize my faithfulness and hope—
That clown understands I am a love sick dope,
But please accept this gift, my love.”
A tear fills my eye, out flies the dove—
“those shoes aren’t so bad” I think,
“They would look good next to my pink
Ballet shoes and above my dolls…
How kind he has been and well, he knows
How much I love jelly beans, my meanness blows,
But he has forgiven and I must too
All thanks to this perfect gift of clown shoes.


  1. Very, very cute! I like this poem; forgiveness is a powerful and warm-fuzzy emotion. I like how it is expressed in this poem.


    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

  2. Thanks Dr. Ni. ^_^ I like the prompts sometimes gives.