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Friday, February 17, 2012

Arabic Love Songs and Poetry/ The Sailor of my Heart

In class we are learning about Arabic music and poetry. Most of the songs/poems that are written are about love or romance. Ziad, my friend from Iraq, introduced me to Elissa and I find her voice to be amazing. On an ironic note, last year I wrote this Arabic poem and it has to do with love/romance. It's way before I knew that Arabs love those themes. The poem is found in my book In the Strawberry Patch (2010), but I am going to post here in Arabic and English. Enjoy!

في بحار من قلبي (مروان)

سافر لأميال وأميال،
في بحار من قلبي؛
عينيه على عمق المحيط، والعنبر
الدموع التي تتدفق عندما نكون جزءا منها.

هذا بحار من قلبي،
من أراضي غريبة وبعيدة.
قادمة من السعودية، وغزا بلدي،
مع الجلد، وسيم لامع ولون رمال الصحراء.

شعره باللون الأسود كما في أحلك ليلة،
انها معلقة الماضي كتفيه انسحبت.
تبرز عضلاته، وقال انه لا تفشل
في حالته الصحية. التطبيل له يفتقر إلى أي منهما.

هذا لغز الخارجية جيدة مع اليدين،
يجعل رزقه في فرقة روك ن رول.
أحضر دينيا يظهر، ويصفق لل
كما انه من الصخور. لهجته أبدا لطيف.

شكر لي لرعاية بلدي،
يوقع بكل سرور لمؤتمر نزع السلاح.
انه ودود، والمساعدة بكل سرور مع اللغة العربية
وقصة للكتاب، انه يسلم لي تي.

حتى الآن، وهذا بحار من قلبي
وقد سافر من بلاد بعيدة؛
لا يعرف الشوق لي،
ولكن أنا أحب بلدي العربي وانها ستقف دائما.

The Sailor of My Heart (For Marwan)

He traveled for miles and miles,
The sailor of my heart;
His eyes as deep as an ocean and amber—
Tears that flow when we part.

This sailor of my heart,
From strange and distant lands.
Coming from Arabia, my enigma,
With handsome, shiny skin the colour of desert sands.

His hair is as black as the darkest night,
It hangs past his shoulders pulled back.
His muscles protrude, he does not fail
In his health. His drumming neither lacks.

This foreign enigma good with hands,
Makes his living in a rock-n-roll band.
I religiously attend shows, cheering
As he rocks out. His accent never bland.

Thanking me for my patronage,
He gladly signs the CD.
He is friendly, gladly helping with Arabic
And the story for the book—he hands me a tee.

Yet, this sailor of my heart
That has traveled from distant lands;
Does not know my longing,
But I love my Arab and it will always stand.

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