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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seventeen/ Love Bomb

Seventeen, the monster

That is seventeen.

The kindness you have shown,

The caring gestures and tones—

The busy hallway, I have waited

For hugs and love from the wicked hate.

Your words have soothed and healed,

From last night that left me keeled and reeled,

How could they do such a thing?

The rumors that echo and ring,

That sullies my reputation and thought

My dad tried, but only feeling that wrought,

Anger—but you’d be angry too,

I’m a lot like you,

But you know that.

Yet you hug me,

Let me count to three;

Wipe the tears that flow,

And nothing but understanding you show.

You have been such a great friend,

Although you doubt and send

That doubt my way,

But I will say,

You are my true best friend.

Love is like a bomb,

Isn’t that how the song begins?

In the group, you grin,

Racial slurs abound,

Laughter all around.

Yet, I can’t laugh, I won’t

How could you, don’t, don’t—

I don’t want to believe or hear,

Yet all I hear, I only hear

Jacob laughing, I don’t belong,

Yet he sings his love songs,

And you do too, I’m only wrong,

But I feel out of place,

In this dream I used to chase.

You’re that monster from seventeen,

How it changes now that I’m nineteen.

I never forget, I still think of you,

Yet you disappeared when things turned blue

And ran down south,

the poison from both of your mouths.

What had happened? I believe no more,

The friendship we once bore,

Outgrown like my favorite shirt,

Worn in the last picture, before the hurt.

So, yes, love is like a bomb,

That’s how the song begins,

But it doesn’t end with sugary grins,

Only the exploding of the bomb,

The aftermath, the casualties and tombs;

Yet, I can never forget what was once.

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