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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nothin' But a Penrose Time

Dan (guitar) and Tom (drums)
There's something about a live show that makes one come alive. The guitar's ripping and riffing accentuate the bellowing bass and the beating of the drums -- it gives "War Pigs" a heavier sound and more heart than what Ozzy gave the song back in the 70s--shake the bar. The guitarist/lead singer's dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a baby face steals my heart. Throughout the show, I lust for him as he alternates between playing the piano and his guitar- I love a man with multiple talents in different instruments and it plays to my music = life (as well as football) mentality.

Dan, Tom, Mark (center right), Pat.
Penrose--a totally new band for me-- is a long way from Old School. However, they have more familiarity for me; I went to summer camp with the Murphies in the 90s and remember having a friendship with Dan, the lead singer (I probably had a crush on him although I remember denying it). The Murphy brothers don't disappoint; I'm in awe of Penrose's performance and the decibels they emit sound better than the songs they cover and they're songs live me breathless and speechless. Penrose definitely knows how to put on a good show. Mark Schinski (another familiar face; a friend in high school) opened for the band and played a perfect rendition of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" and making fun of Adele's "Rolling In the Deep." Schinski sets up for an awesome show, especially for Penrose's smashing (literally and figuratively) cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and songs from Modest Mouse and Pink Floyd.

The Murphy boys taking a shot before going on.
Penrose's songs hit a chord with the audience. A family in attendance on Friday night brought their young children and the little girl mentioned to her father that she "loves them" and thinks they "sound good." Everyone in the bar loved the mixture of blues and hard rock; the Murphies can write songs as well as play them. And Dan is cute, he could steal hearts. However, the other two brothers are cute as well and could steal hearts just as well (they're also really nice, they met with me and the other friends after the show). The pulsating and symphony of blues and hard rock leave my ears ringing, my face in a smile and my body rocked with the amazing time I had with a wonderful band.

Check out Penrose. They're a great band and won't disappoint. Check out their website for show dates and locations. They can be found here:

Mark playing "Free Fallin'"

Penrose Picture Album


  1. Great article! :) I do have respect for musicians, regardless of how well-known they are, who meet with their fans/audience after a show.

  2. Me too. ^_^ Oh, and the bassist commented me saying he loved my pictures!

    1. That's great! :) It's good they gave their input!

    2. I think I'm on the road to professionalism. :)