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Friday, January 6, 2012

Growing: Sunny

Last month a friend in Wisconsin sent me a part of her Ti plant so I could grow one. I just finally potted it last week and named it Sunny. Every once in a while I will be posting pictures of her growth. :)

Think they're on the path to professional?


  1. Who're on the path to professional?

  2. Ahhh...reminds me of a golden pothos plant that we were given by a friend not long after we moved to became my responsibility to look after it! :) In fact, a branch of our plant broke off, and with some help it became a new plant in itself!

    Where are Ti plants from? I haven't heard of them before. I am sure Sunny is in good and caring hands. ;)

  3. Ti plants are from Hawaii. :)Their actual name is Hawaiian Sunshine Plant. That's how I named her. :)