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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great-Great Uncle Wilhelm

Writer’s Cramp: prompt: While researching family history, you discover something surprising and unexpected about your great, great uncle. Write the STORY or POEM. First or third person is okay.
A gift card to, oh joy!
Who could I use this on, oh boy—
Why did Aunt Jenny even bother?
Yet as I sit here, thinking of Father,
A curiosity comes over me,
In the distance I see
A picture of my great uncle with,
Who is that? What is that gift?
Why haven’t I seen him before?
This picture is from 1904?
Let me see, oh let me see,
Mom’s maiden name was Perkasie,
And the old lore was
The Perkasies’ with chins of fuzz
Came to the U.S. in 1892,
With trunk in hand and a baby too—
But what was that baby called?
My brain fart stalls—
Right! Wilhelm Perkasie!
Could this be?
Wilhelm was a circus clown?
Who could make those frowns
Turn from upside down to up,
And play with those guessing cups.
Not only was he a clown,
He never did dress down—
A millionaire from his lawsuit,
Apparently he was clumsy to boot—
Tripping over a bunny;
He did not think it too funny.
In his later years,
With all my sadness and tears,
Uncle Wilhelm we have disowned
According to’s own—
He was a spy for Germany,
And apparently,
He had a love for the Fuhrer,
That sent my family in such furor.
When the bomb fell in ’45,
Uncle Wilhelm’s pants did jive
In fear and fife,
Yet sadly it did not spare his life.
This will serve him right—
It was he who brought his plight;
I guess I do have to be thankful
My family history is full—
With discord and happiness, I shrift—
Thank you Aunt Jenny for this gift!

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