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Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Write 1-6-12

They're just thoughts put together. On January 31st it'll be two years since my writing mentor, best friend, 2nd mother passed away. We always wrote to one another and sent gifts. I was becoming a Packer fan at this time and I actually wanted to plan to go visit her, but then I heard the news. :(

It has been two years
since my plans to go--
Wisconsin bound; I'd make it happen!
I wanted to meet you,
you became a second mother
between the letters and emails.
It has been two years
since that fateful day
the Leukemia ate your life
and the whole world crashed.
And in those two years
I made it to Wisconsin
without you, but with you
and for you I'm coming back.

I still keep in touch with her son from time to time and wanted to meet him last year to tell him how much his mother met to me, but he never got back to me. :(