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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Write 1-12-12

I did my own free write today, where I had to use these words once:
rain; pot of gold; dreams; dreary; luck

I wrote this before getting on the bus:

Upon the dawn's dreary,
once awake my eyes weary,
my body dizzy.
From the terminal, morning busy,
rain pitter-patters glass and doors
as others around me snore.
Closing my eyes, maybe slumber and dreams
will visit my eyes teeming;
the sands of fairies still linger--
no wiping away with a finger.
I nestle in, cold and heavy
these benches don't warrant and levy--
but, what;s that!
Upon my feet that once sat;
gold coins, it must surely belong,
and whomever must cry out a sad song
one after one,
I must have won--
the gold leads to a path;
drenched in a cold bath;
but leads to a pot of gold
in my hands I grasp and hold.
"bus is here,"
where is the gold, I tear
"lady, you crazy!"
but to fight I was too lazy;
this is always my luck,
I have a few bucks
from a hard working job;
one day in wealth I'll bob.


  1. What are the criteria for your "free writes"?

    Mine include the words themselves being private, and usually exorcising the mental demons.

  2. Just writing that isn't proofed and edited.