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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bugs Everywhere

I submitted this article to the Quad, but it didn't make it. :( I guess it wasn't relevent to the paper; I might have better luck with a local paper. I was thinking about submitting the piece about Penrose to the Quad because they are trying to play the Note (local entertainment venu), but again it might not be relevent. Let me share with you the piece about the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

Jessica Marie Cavaliere

The warm air relieves the frost-bitten bones as the people entering grab the knobs in the shape of a bone and walk through the door that leads inside the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia. Although it was perfect Christmas weather outside—35 degrees and windy—most couldn’t wait to escape the Christmas festivities around the city of Brotherly Love to see Outside the Box: Bugs on Display. This exhibit came to the Academy of Natural Science on October 22, 2011 and showcases life sized insects, sculpted by artists, to show the public what biologists study inside the research boxes and through magnifying glasses. The exhibit was neat—there was unique artistry to these life sized bugs (as the unscientific population like to call them), despite the harshness of the gray platform below that supported the genealogical information—one could learn a lot about the different species in the insect kingdom. A personal favorite was the sculpture of the praying mantis, which earned its name from the praying posture it has. Sometimes biologists like to call them “preying mantis” because of their predatory nature. Apparently the praying mantis is also related to termites, who would have thought an innocent looking bug could be related to a parasitic pest and could be territorial? Innocent insects, or what is thought of to be innocent, are usually the most territorial, according to the displays.

The exhibit was only at the Academy of Natural Sciences until January 18, 2012. Although this cool exhibit was missed, there are a lot to do at the Academy of Natural Sciences such as the new exhibit Art of Science as well as the Live Butterfly garden and other ecological displays. To find out more information, go to It seems like there are new programs every four-six months; by keeping up with the site, it’ll be easier to keep up with events that’ll be of interest. Even after the tour of the Academy is done, it is always fun to explore Philadelphia and see what it has to offer. Touring South Street (especially the piercing parlors) and Historical Fifth and Second Streets are a personal favorite. Whatever the desire, don’t miss out on the opportunity to travel and explore new surroundings!

To get to Philadelphia from West Chester (without the hassle of driving): take SEPTA Rt. 104 to 69th Street, then take the Market-Frankford line to 15th Street, then walk to 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway (don’t worry, it’s not a long walk). If you want to explore the rest of Philadelphia, the Market-Frankford line services up until Frankford Station (east bound) or 69th Street (west bound).

To get to Philadelphia from King of Prussia and the surrounding areas (without the hassle of driving): take SEPTA Rt. 100 (the trolley) from Bridgeport, King Manor, Haverford/Havertown, Ardmore and Wynnewood to 69th Street, then take to Market-Frankford line to 15th Street, then walk to 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Of course, the train is also available, but the train is more expensive! Check out for more information.

Jessica Cavaliere

4th year English Major with minors in Creative Writing and Philosophy

Monday, January 30, 2012

His Blue Eyes

Last month I wrote a Hub on how to write a sonnet, which is here, but I still struggle from time to time. The concept is easy (oh how it is easy), but I usually can't write about love. I suppose the sonnet I wrote today does a little bit; I need some feedback (please).

His Blue Eyes

His blue eyes,
the rivers of the Emerald Isle
around the heart, the tide ties
among the rocks, the eddies pile,
capturing me, like pirates to a ship
mutiny all logic, I fall under the spell--
your lullabies charm, the snakes sip
the blood that rises, only He can tell;
the blue of his eyes,
like waves crashing upon the shores;
Lord almighty, I'm burning up inside--
the Lorelei and Siren's song lore
around the heart of the Emerald Isles,
inside the blue of his eyes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nothin' But a Penrose Time

Dan (guitar) and Tom (drums)
There's something about a live show that makes one come alive. The guitar's ripping and riffing accentuate the bellowing bass and the beating of the drums -- it gives "War Pigs" a heavier sound and more heart than what Ozzy gave the song back in the 70s--shake the bar. The guitarist/lead singer's dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a baby face steals my heart. Throughout the show, I lust for him as he alternates between playing the piano and his guitar- I love a man with multiple talents in different instruments and it plays to my music = life (as well as football) mentality.

Dan, Tom, Mark (center right), Pat.
Penrose--a totally new band for me-- is a long way from Old School. However, they have more familiarity for me; I went to summer camp with the Murphies in the 90s and remember having a friendship with Dan, the lead singer (I probably had a crush on him although I remember denying it). The Murphy brothers don't disappoint; I'm in awe of Penrose's performance and the decibels they emit sound better than the songs they cover and they're songs live me breathless and speechless. Penrose definitely knows how to put on a good show. Mark Schinski (another familiar face; a friend in high school) opened for the band and played a perfect rendition of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" and making fun of Adele's "Rolling In the Deep." Schinski sets up for an awesome show, especially for Penrose's smashing (literally and figuratively) cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and songs from Modest Mouse and Pink Floyd.

The Murphy boys taking a shot before going on.
Penrose's songs hit a chord with the audience. A family in attendance on Friday night brought their young children and the little girl mentioned to her father that she "loves them" and thinks they "sound good." Everyone in the bar loved the mixture of blues and hard rock; the Murphies can write songs as well as play them. And Dan is cute, he could steal hearts. However, the other two brothers are cute as well and could steal hearts just as well (they're also really nice, they met with me and the other friends after the show). The pulsating and symphony of blues and hard rock leave my ears ringing, my face in a smile and my body rocked with the amazing time I had with a wonderful band.

Check out Penrose. They're a great band and won't disappoint. Check out their website for show dates and locations. They can be found here:

Mark playing "Free Fallin'"

Penrose Picture Album

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Penrose Rocks Screwballs/ Road to Professionalism

Last night Penrose played Screwballs in King of Prussia. I went to summer camp with the trio way back when and it was nice catching up with them -- nice group of people. The rest of the family was there last night and noticed me taking pictures. They cheerfully said, "you sure do have a nice camera and the boys do need a professional photographer. I can't wait to see these when they're uploaded." That made me smile. :)

More tomorrow (I am going to write a few pieces about last night's show... I only had 4 hours of sleep) and more pictures. I just had to share the good news. ^_^

19th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Brunch

Sorry this is a few days late; on Thursday I had the opportunity to go to the 19th Annual MLK brunch my university held. It was so beautiful and I had the opportunity to catch the moment professionally (or attempt at professional... still learning!) with my new camera.

I didn't get the chance to read this poem, but the way everything was set up, it would have been a truly nice added touch. My teammates at the DMC (Digital Media Center) put together a short film with different interviewees about what Dr. King's philosophy meant to us; I was interviewed and I think what I had to say reflected my poem well. :) My little cousin graduates from high school in June; I am going to give her a copy of the DVD because I think it's an important message to remember when you get into college, especially in the new environments college has.

The gospel singer.

the drum major's awardee.

My two favorite librarians and me.
More pictures

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seventeen/ Love Bomb

Seventeen, the monster

That is seventeen.

The kindness you have shown,

The caring gestures and tones—

The busy hallway, I have waited

For hugs and love from the wicked hate.

Your words have soothed and healed,

From last night that left me keeled and reeled,

How could they do such a thing?

The rumors that echo and ring,

That sullies my reputation and thought

My dad tried, but only feeling that wrought,

Anger—but you’d be angry too,

I’m a lot like you,

But you know that.

Yet you hug me,

Let me count to three;

Wipe the tears that flow,

And nothing but understanding you show.

You have been such a great friend,

Although you doubt and send

That doubt my way,

But I will say,

You are my true best friend.

Love is like a bomb,

Isn’t that how the song begins?

In the group, you grin,

Racial slurs abound,

Laughter all around.

Yet, I can’t laugh, I won’t

How could you, don’t, don’t—

I don’t want to believe or hear,

Yet all I hear, I only hear

Jacob laughing, I don’t belong,

Yet he sings his love songs,

And you do too, I’m only wrong,

But I feel out of place,

In this dream I used to chase.

You’re that monster from seventeen,

How it changes now that I’m nineteen.

I never forget, I still think of you,

Yet you disappeared when things turned blue

And ran down south,

the poison from both of your mouths.

What had happened? I believe no more,

The friendship we once bore,

Outgrown like my favorite shirt,

Worn in the last picture, before the hurt.

So, yes, love is like a bomb,

That’s how the song begins,

But it doesn’t end with sugary grins,

Only the exploding of the bomb,

The aftermath, the casualties and tombs;

Yet, I can never forget what was once.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad Health Poem

January 24, 2012

Although I feel much pain;
The cramps and aches and worries,
Nothing can change, simple and plain
How I feel for you.
The reassurance,
Words so true—
Your kindness that shines,
Beacon through the dark;
The tempests and brines—
You give me long lasting hope,
In the darkness I used to grope;
Now I slowly find the way,
Although the journey isn’t easy
But since I have the final say—
I will persevere and make it through,
With you, I will not be so blue.

Monday, January 23, 2012


I started an Etsy account. So far I only have one item up, but I hope to be getting scrapbooking pictures up. I will post when I do. The semester began today and let me say this, I am going to be one busy girl.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Es schneit!

Schnee, schnee,
Es schneit!
Was, was,
Was ist das?
Es ist eine Bar,
Ein schnee bar!
Er ist weiss,
Er brun nass,
Er ist schnee macht,
Er ist schon.
Es schniet,
Schnee, schnee!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK Poem

Two score and eight years—
I have a dream, the voice rings,
This dream, unheard of sears
Those who fly the Stars and Bars,
Their looming white that flows,
As the brightly burning cross scars.
Four score—I have a dream today,
The vicious hate, the Molotov cocktails,
For those that face East, kneeling to pray—
Northern, Southern, Midwestern, they loom,
Fear in other than the cross, it does not say
“persecute those who do not believe Jesus is son;”
No, Jesus would have wanted peace and love:
To put down the bombs and away the guns.
I have a dream today;
That we can all walk hand in hand,
Together we must pray—
Jewish or Muslim or Christian, white or black,
In order to break the silence of hate,
We must not back down in silence and lack.

Drawing upon Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech, I wanted to put together a piece that commemorates Dr. King’s legacy. As I do believe we have come a long way in the fifty years since the speech, there are still some hurdles that the poem points out. We have religious hurdles we must jump and like Dr. King I have a hope and dream that we can jump through these hurdles by letting our bigotry go and start to accept all faiths, sexual orientations, genders, and those of different races as our brothers and sisters.

Great-Great Uncle Wilhelm

Writer’s Cramp: prompt: While researching family history, you discover something surprising and unexpected about your great, great uncle. Write the STORY or POEM. First or third person is okay.
A gift card to, oh joy!
Who could I use this on, oh boy—
Why did Aunt Jenny even bother?
Yet as I sit here, thinking of Father,
A curiosity comes over me,
In the distance I see
A picture of my great uncle with,
Who is that? What is that gift?
Why haven’t I seen him before?
This picture is from 1904?
Let me see, oh let me see,
Mom’s maiden name was Perkasie,
And the old lore was
The Perkasies’ with chins of fuzz
Came to the U.S. in 1892,
With trunk in hand and a baby too—
But what was that baby called?
My brain fart stalls—
Right! Wilhelm Perkasie!
Could this be?
Wilhelm was a circus clown?
Who could make those frowns
Turn from upside down to up,
And play with those guessing cups.
Not only was he a clown,
He never did dress down—
A millionaire from his lawsuit,
Apparently he was clumsy to boot—
Tripping over a bunny;
He did not think it too funny.
In his later years,
With all my sadness and tears,
Uncle Wilhelm we have disowned
According to’s own—
He was a spy for Germany,
And apparently,
He had a love for the Fuhrer,
That sent my family in such furor.
When the bomb fell in ’45,
Uncle Wilhelm’s pants did jive
In fear and fife,
Yet sadly it did not spare his life.
This will serve him right—
It was he who brought his plight;
I guess I do have to be thankful
My family history is full—
With discord and happiness, I shrift—
Thank you Aunt Jenny for this gift!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Bowl Party

Well, my poor Packers lost. :( But, that's okay because my Super Bowl party this year is celebrating the whole NFL. See the invitation:

February 5, 2012 will mark the 46th Super Bowl. Please join me at 6pm; before the party starts, as I host a tailgate party for all the teams my guests are fans of and celebrate our teams and celebrate what we hope they will be like next season. So please bring your favorite team’s gear!

Following the tailgate, we will celebrate the Super Bowl. Please join me.

I have some cool games planned. :) Like a relay race using cups, a timing game with signing of t-shirts and undies, and a guessing game of who can name the most football and college football logos. More updates later.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Bonjour! Ca va? Je vais bien. :)

The French textbook I ordered for 35 cents came today. I took French 3 years ago and ordered the textbook I used then. I still have the workbook. I am going to teach myself French. It's just the workbook has a quarter of it filled, but I can always go over that. :) I taught myself German and taught myself some Arabic. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Write 1-12-12

I did my own free write today, where I had to use these words once:
rain; pot of gold; dreams; dreary; luck

I wrote this before getting on the bus:

Upon the dawn's dreary,
once awake my eyes weary,
my body dizzy.
From the terminal, morning busy,
rain pitter-patters glass and doors
as others around me snore.
Closing my eyes, maybe slumber and dreams
will visit my eyes teeming;
the sands of fairies still linger--
no wiping away with a finger.
I nestle in, cold and heavy
these benches don't warrant and levy--
but, what;s that!
Upon my feet that once sat;
gold coins, it must surely belong,
and whomever must cry out a sad song
one after one,
I must have won--
the gold leads to a path;
drenched in a cold bath;
but leads to a pot of gold
in my hands I grasp and hold.
"bus is here,"
where is the gold, I tear
"lady, you crazy!"
but to fight I was too lazy;
this is always my luck,
I have a few bucks
from a hard working job;
one day in wealth I'll bob.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thought Poem

I wrote this last night before I went to bed. It’s not the best, but it’s just some things I was feeling. 

Happy birthday
I write this to you—
Happy birthday
On your Facebook wall;
Happy birthday,
What else should I say?
I hope you have a joyous day,
Too pretentious, what can I say?
Never across your Facebook wall
Will I type, key after key
Stroke for stroke,
How I fell for you,
My ex’s best friend.
When I should have been loving him,
I secretly longed for you—
Text after text,
Through his phone,
Don’t worry he knew,
But so did you.
We were so sly,
Who needed to cover up a lie?
As he made fun of you,
I stood up for you—
That’s why things fell apart,
Or so I suspect, partly.
He knew, I am sure he did;
My eyes glowed
Whenever I mentioned you.
Happy birthday
To the boy I fell for,
Maybe for all the wrong reasons,
But they feel so right.
No, I won’t write this
Across your Facebook wall—
I’ll stick with pretentious;
May your day be joyous and fun
And all your wishes come true;
Happy birthday!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Writer's Cramp: Rough Draft Paradise

I became active in again and there is this daily contest where you are not allowed to edit and you have to write what comes to your mind first. I've been participating to put into my rough draft diary. Let me link you to my items:

Dark Purple Wine 1-7-11

Never Doing That Again 1-8-11

The contest: The Writer's Cramp

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bear Photography

A few practice pieces. I know it's going to take a lot more reading of a book I rented from the library and practice to get better at photography. Enjoy these pictures.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Growing: Sunny

Last month a friend in Wisconsin sent me a part of her Ti plant so I could grow one. I just finally potted it last week and named it Sunny. Every once in a while I will be posting pictures of her growth. :)

Think they're on the path to professional?

Free Write 1-6-12

They're just thoughts put together. On January 31st it'll be two years since my writing mentor, best friend, 2nd mother passed away. We always wrote to one another and sent gifts. I was becoming a Packer fan at this time and I actually wanted to plan to go visit her, but then I heard the news. :(

It has been two years
since my plans to go--
Wisconsin bound; I'd make it happen!
I wanted to meet you,
you became a second mother
between the letters and emails.
It has been two years
since that fateful day
the Leukemia ate your life
and the whole world crashed.
And in those two years
I made it to Wisconsin
without you, but with you
and for you I'm coming back.

I still keep in touch with her son from time to time and wanted to meet him last year to tell him how much his mother met to me, but he never got back to me. :(

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Packers 2012

Happy 2012 from Packers Nation (Wesley, Sweet Pea, Hattie, Hootie and me)

I rejoined (still the same username and account) and today I completed a prompt that I had to write about why 2011 will be better than 2012 (it had to be fiction). So, I went with this... it's both, but more a hope that I want to happen:

"Clay! Clay!" I exclaim.
"Hi!" Clay Matthews responds.
"I have been your fan since 2010. Packers since 2009!" I am being a total fan girl, but I don't care. My goal had been saving up to come back to Green Bay all year (and a 900 mile trip from Philadelphia to Green Bay can be expensive depending on the whims of gas moguls and the airlines). And I wrote to Chad without Larry's help-- he might be Chad's brother-in-law, but an ex-coworker of dad; he might not be willing to help.

"Can I get a picture with you?" I am nervous, but giddy that I think my words run together. 
"Sure," Clay responds sweetly. I hand my camera, excitedly, to the person closest to me. As I pose, I hug Clay-- the photo is taken. Yeah, my friends are gonna be jealous and this is a dream come true!

Word Count: 149

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great New Years Eve last night spent with friends, family and other loved ones. I spent my New Years Eve with my friend Zach at Screwballs and hung out with his ex's mother and her friends. They were really nice and I became friends with them as well. We exchanged numbers, so karaoke is in the foreseeable future. :) Enjoy some pictures:

Has everyone made New Year's Resolutions? I am still working on mine, but these are the three most important to me:

1.) Save up to go back to Green Bay
2.) Save up for tuition
3.) Be kind to myself, especially in the process of attempting to lose weight.

Anyway, I hope you had a good day and evening!