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Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End tea

Where is the peaceful place
that can always put a smile on faces?
The Lincoln Room in West Chester--
that's where a love will fester
with herbal and regular teas
and sandwiches at minimal fees.
But the most priceless thing of all,
is laughter and memories standing tall.
So, come to this place
that paints a smile on your face.

Today mom, dad, Aunt Peg, Maddie and I went to the Lincoln Room for a pre-New Years Eve tea to celebrate the end of 2011. It really was a nice two hours out -- we all did a lot of talking and laughing and it was just nice. :) The tea was a nice way to get ready to celebrate the year that seemed to get good starting in August. Tomorrow night Zach and I are going to the bar near my house for kareoke and to hear the DJ. So, this tea was the calm to my New Years Eve celebration. :)

I also bought a bear today and as Jen said to me and she summed it up perfectly: "you have added a lot of our bears to your collection." Yes, yes I have. I love the Bearington Bear collection bears and this is one of the few places that sell them and the one they pick out, well, they speak to me. Meet Hattie and her dear friend Hootie:

I made a 2011 in Review video two weeks ago, I will post tomorrow. :)

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