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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to Green Bay (looking for title)

As you have probably heard, I am finally getting around to making my scrapbook for my Green Bay trip. I want to include a poem, so I wrote one summing up my trip. Please let me know what you think, thanks.

The clouds ascend above Lambeau,
welcome to Green Bay!
Home of the infamous Packers;
my one and only-- enough delay!

Welcome to Green Bay,
sun sparkles off Lambeau's
red, white hot bricks--
I'm here in person,  so close

the sparkles off of Lambeau
fill my eyes with tears--
a win against the Cardinals
with pride and love that spears.

My eyes are filled with tears
as Lake Michigan glistens
and ducks and geese eat from hand,
to the owls and inhabitants I listen.

Away from the glistening Lake Michigan,
in Curly's Pub, shots of victory taken
and pride that a dream has come true;
drink Jager slowly-- you're mistaken!

The clouds descend over Lambeau,
Goodbye Green Bay--
home of precious memories,
2012 don't you dare delay!

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