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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tis the Season for Giving Gratitude and Love... Not Gifts

I realized yesterday that this year I feel more relaxed for the holidays. I decided not to give friends any gifts (saving up for Green Bay and tuition) this year besides a card that I made. And you know what, they loved it! It actually made them more cheerful to receive that then some gift. After feeling a little bit guilty about when Sam handed me a gift and I didn't have one for her besides a card, she hugged me and said the card had made her day. The card simply said, "Thanks for being a friend" and went into fond memories and such. I guess it was a gratitude card. Yesterday, I also took holiday pictures with Christine and Christina. That was fun. :) I suppose spending time by having lunch and going into town for crazy pictures could be a gift too and a gift that makes all of us happy. Remember folks, Christmas and Hannukkah are not all about the gifts, but spending time and making happy memories with the people you love.

Marsha and I are exchanging gifts -- gifts that are handmade (what our friendship means to each other) and a $5 gift card. I am working on a special gift for her. We're also going to go out for a bite to eat next week (Marsha, we have to get some picture and don't be offended, I want to wait until Christmas morning to open the gift and I'm going to have my dad take a picture of me opening it... I dunno why, but this year I want to wait until the actual day. Of course, I might change my mind. =]).

Last night I went to see a band called Toxic Chicken. They played the top 40 hits. They were meh, but top 40 just isn't my style. I like Old School and Scattertrain better.

My ornament also came. I am looking for a name for him. Any ideas?

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  1. home made gifts and presents are the best to give, in my opinion!
    What a cute ornament!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth