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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Longwood Gardens/ Writing Journal (rough)

Last night mom, dad and I went to Longwood Gardens, it was AWESOME. :)

The water light show. :)

The album can be found here: Facebook Album

This is a rough draft... I started a journal for all thoughts.

December 6, 2011

I left the last poem

at 8-0, for my latest tome;

now we slide into 12-0

with Driver as my hero—

sly movements, shock

those pesky Giants’ block,

you never cease to amaze us

keeping your cool, not a cuss,

just touchdown cheers;

leaving New York in tears:

GO PACK GO! Kick the Giant’s ass!

The winning field goal and pass,

here’s to our record 12-0

and to my heroes

Rodgers, Drivers and Matthews,

Our spirits and Cheeseheads grew

and will continue to glow,

as we deliver the 13-0 blow!

I am thinking about putting this on my shirt I am making for myself to show my love for the Packers. I believe it could work. I should also submit this to the literary magazine and the poem from December 4th. The deadline is January, so I have time to fill these pages with thoughts and prose. : )

Yesterday while I was at the Francis Harvey Green Library, the head librarian was saying a fun little poll from NPR was taken and it rated Aaron Rodgers just as high as Jesus Christ and some other important figure. That got me thinking, maybe I should invent a religion! Rodgersism! Now that would be cool, I can be founder! Let’s see, what would the requirements of a Rodgersist be?

The Five Pillars of Faith

1.) Declaration of Packers fandom

2.) Prayer to the Holy Rodgers

3.) Donations in the form of Packers stocks

4.) Partying hard when Packers make Super Bowl

5.) Pilgrimage to Lambeau Field

Still working on a prayer… I will keep at it until I have a flawless religion. :)


  1. Hahaha - hope you find many fellow Rodgersists!

    I hope you had fun at Longwood Gardens :) as you may have heard via text, the OCCA trip to Linvilla Orchards fell through.

    The poetry looks a little wordy for a shirt - unless you want people to stare at your chest forever?