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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

It's that time of year again. One year closes as a new one opens. Today is the last day of 2011 and I want to share with you a slide show I made two weeks ago and highlight/tell the story of some of the pictures on the slideshow.

February is the most notable month for me because the Packers won the Super Bowl! Christa and Joe came to my Packers party where a lot of people canceled last minute. Joe cheered for the Steelers (since his beloved Jets didn't make it), Christa was neutral and I obviously cheered for the Packers. I am going to give you a blurb about the experience from my essay (in my book) titled "Cut the Pink Crap: I want the Authentic":

"2011. The Packers made the Super Bowl granted they were playing against my third team—the Steelers. My #1 team playing my #3 team, lots of fun there. Naturally, I cheered for my Packers. What was the best way to show my Packers love and pride? Throw a Packers Party! And I went all out and thank goodness for Wegmans; they had Packers cupcakes and plenty for my four guests to have three cupcakes each! And the cupcakes had keepsake Packers helmet toppers, perfect for scrapbooking! As well as the balloon that I bought from Acme!
Yes, sounding like a typical female, I’m getting ready for a Super Bowl party. However, unlike the typical female, I will watch the game and enjoy it. That’s how my Packers party went—Christa, her fiancé, Joe, nan and I sat and watched the Packers beat the Steelers. Joe routed for the Steelers, Christa was indifferent, nan and I were for the Packers. Mimi, my gray ragdoll cat, was even watching the game, which led me to the conclusion she also loves football. It was a nice party with Packers trivia before the game and during commercials, which Christa stated that when she and Joe went to see a Jets game, they still played commercials and had war heroes, soldiers and other remarkable fans come out on the field. I found that to be really cool..."

In March Jim died. I was in pain for a long time about that (still am). Yet, despite the intense pain, I went to New York City for my first time. I went with my Arabic class to see an Islamic Science display in Queens. We just made a day of the city. It was a brisk day, but I was so excited: IT IS MY FIRST TIME IN FREAKIN' NEW YORK CITY AND I COULD FINALLY MEET MY BRO! ran through my mind (I'm an only child, but I consider friends to be family). First we drove into Queens and spent about two hours in the museum and sadly by the time we left Queens, Ahmed was just getting up. :( We went to this Arabic restaurant (I think it was called Bizzas) that was okay. Then we split up; I went with Liz and her sister and we just walked around uptown NYC. We went to this cupcake place that was to die for. In June, I went to NYC again, this time in Time Square. I went with my parents. We went to Madame Tusaud's wax museum and that was so cool. I took a picture with Lady Gaga, Fidel Castro, the Osbournes and some of the Saudi Arabian princes. Mom, dad and I then went to the Carnegy Deli; it was good, but it was expensive and it was like an assembly line of getting people in and out. We also sat with strange people (I thought it was cool, mom and dad not so much). I wouldn't recommend.

This year has been the year of travel for me with two jaunts into Philadelphia: once in May and once in July with Christine for my 22nd birthday. I also got pierced the two times I was there at Infinite: I totally recommend! In May I had my tragus pierced and in July I had my industrial done.

However, the most noteworthy travel is my trip to Green Bay, WI. This was my first trip alone at a distance of 900 miles away from home. It was the best time of my life! Last night I saw the hotel where I stayed at (I "like" them on Facebook) advertising free shots at Big D's at midnight. It brought back the best memories of sitting at Big D's ordering mystery shots for $2.50 and they were always green. I was dubbed Miss Pennsylvania because the bartender was taken aback a bit to see someone from Pennsylvania here (most were shocked that a huge Packers fan from the Philadelphia area traveled all that way to see a game... yep, #1 fan right here). I was called that every time I entered the bar. :) Spending whole days at Lambeau was also awesome. It's just the feeling you really can't express, but it makes your whole body feel all tingly and can bring you to tears of joy. It was so cool to finally be walking the grounds of the legendary players; I call it my shrine. Of course, game time and the Packers won! That would be the start to their 19 game winning streak too! :) Green Bay wasn't all about football for me (though 80% of it was): I went to Heritage Hill State Park and it was cool learning about Green Bay history and the Moravians that founded it. The guide and I had a talk; a town two hours away from me was founded by Moravians and we had  a discussion about that. After that I went to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and it was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back in 2012 (I'm saving now... putting $150 aside each month to go)!

In September I started taking organ lessons. :) In October my parents became members of Longwood Gardens, which made me so happy. Oh, and Halloween snow! About three inches fell, but that crippled us since we weren't prepared for it. It was a kick to see snow littered everywhere when Marsha and I did the fun run. I was Clay Matthews for Halloween, so I reenacted the snow bowl. :) It was fun.

They were the most notable moments in 2011. Of course a lot of things did happen and you can read here if interested. I hope you enjoyed my highlights and I hope you have a great New Years' Eve! Happy New Year!


  1. I'm glad 2011 has been good for you, Jessica. :) Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! We'll have to see what our schedules look like this semester.