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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving In Pictures/ Giving Thanks (Day 5)

Since learning how to play this beautiful song on the organ, while learning it, I couldn't help but think of South Park. This song is good for the Holiday Season. :)

From Thanksgiving Eve, my dad is asleep and our cat, Mimi, is sleeping next to him.

 Nan before dessert.

Zach and I.

Then last night I stayed at my aunt's house to watch the dogs. I think I converted my aunt's dog to be a Packers' fan... LOL. Well, I had her wear my hat:

And finally:

Today, I feel thankful just to be alive. There have been times where I wanted to end it all. I am thankful for all the nice people in my life who haven't abandoned me in spite of hard times. It still makes me tear up a little.

Today, I am finally no longer blond! I changed into my winter colour. :)

I am also on Amazon now!


  1. Glad you had a great time, I liked your new video, and your pictures are good. :) I love the last one...your cat's expression is brilliant. :)

  2. When do you think you might match chords with the melody? :3

    As suspected, the lyrics of O Holy Night are very Christian-oriented. (I checked, in a long-shot hope they could have changed since last time!)

    Drunk texting? :P Almost always a bad idea. I pity the recipients of my drunk texts, even if I'm sure I never allow any typos.

    *crawls off*

  3. Eventually, lol. I hope I win that metronome.

    I wasn't drunk (I only had a glass), but Thanksgiving food usually makes me depressed for some odd reason.