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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cut the Pink Crap

Cut the Pink Crap
I Want the Authentic: On Being a Female Football Fan

Packers Party/Super Bowl Party

            2011. The Packers made the Super Bowl granted they were playing against my third team—the Steelers. My #1 team playing my #3 team, lots of fun there. Naturally, I cheered for my Packers. What was the best way to show my Packers love and pride? Throw a Packers Party! And I went all out and thank goodness for Wegmans; they had Packers cupcakes and plenty for my four guests to have three cupcakes each! And the cupcakes had keepsake Packers helmet toppers, perfect for scrapbooking! As well as the balloon that I bought from Acme!
            Yes, sounding like a typical female, I’m getting ready for a Super Bowl party. However, unlike the typical female, I will watch the game and enjoy it. That’s how my Packers party went—Christa, her fiancé, Joe, nan and I sat and watched the Packers beat the Steelers. Joe routed for the Steelers, Christa was indifferent, nan and I were for the Packers. Mimi, my gray ragdoll cat, was even watching the game, which led me to the conclusion she also loves football. It was a nice party with Packers trivia before the game and during commercials, which Christa stated that when she and Joe went to see a Jets game, they still played commercials and the players just did whatever. I found that to be really cool (I wouldn’t see for myself until six months later). Then during halftime, Christa brought Apples to Apples and we played that as well as eat the Packers cupcakes, my green and yellow lemon cake, the chili and other yummy foods that were cooked. Great food, great friends and my favorite team playing, it was one of my favorite moments in 2011 (besides going to Green Bay, which will that tale will be next). 

Hope to have my book done by Tuesday. :) I am writing a paper for my English theory class about female football fans via the gender lens, this story is for my book, but my prof. said I can quote this piece and site my book. :) I just have two more pieces to finish after this.


  1. Homonym alert!!

    Cite is the verb you want :[

  2. Thank you. I am still working on the 2nd part

    Although, according to (incorporate gym research); I could relate. I remember hating gym because of my teachers in elementary and middle schools. Yet, I did like baseball, hockey and football. But, there was no way in hell I would let anyone know since those are “boy” sports and girls shouldn’t play “boy” sports. I was already an outcast and I didn’t want something else to further that. What a sad mistake that was. As soon as I found football again, I started to like gym, although it would take a few years for me to get comfortable to admit I love football not only because of Ben Roethlisberger and other football players, but also for the pure adrenaline and excitement of the game itself. It was around 2008 that I started branching out to the Chargers and Ravens (#2 and #4 teams) and then in late 2009 the Packers and 2010 for me to fall in love with the Packers (team #1).
    Anyway, I started to like gym and I remember in eleventh grade winning a flag football game. I really liked that and it made me so proud that I could win a game on moves that the teams played the week before.

  3. Gymnasium is Greek. :) For a place where people go nude. Gymnastics is the sport title.

    In Greece it's warm enough to regularly eschew clothes! For, ah... wrestling... and otherwise exerting oneself!