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Thursday, October 20, 2011

(Young Lust) Love Poem

(Young Lust) Love Poem

Dear Clay,

I write to you,

not only because my love

is too strong, it’s true—

I digress, I write to you,

because I will be sending along

my green jersey, #52, worn through

and blessed by the glory of Lambeau,

a pilgrimage I will never forget;

saving money high and low

to see this wonderful shrine, the team and you!

But, anyway, I digress again,

I write to you, I know, I’m past due;

in two weeks’ time I will be buying anew,

#52 is peeling from too much wear,

and living in Philadelphia (boo!)

I get heckled ten-fold from mad

Eagles’ fans crazy for Vick

(in which ways I am not sure, some call him bad).

So, if you would please,

considering how much I love you,

please sign my favorite jersey;

it’s the least you can do—

coming all the way from Philly

to see and love you

and harassed for my team spirit,

it would mean the world to me,

to see my jersey and hear it

(that you signed my jersey, I’d smile and gloat in glee)

that Clay Matthews lovingly signed

my favorite, worn out, faded green jersey.

(though worn out would be an understatement,

as anyone who knows me can testify,

that my love for you and the Packers is a testament

to the fact that I bleed green and yellow,

and wins that make you 6-0 fill me with joyous bellows.)

Love (and forever yours),


P.S. You will find attached to this letter,

a picture of me this Halloween dressed up as you,

to get an idea that is much better

than this letter can ever express to you,

that my fanaticism runs deep and is true.

(P.S.S: Although I will never be an Eagles fan,

I forgive your brother that he sold his skills

to this “dream team,” the Ducks should ban—

but, I understand; it’s a career start,

and could provide interesting competition when you two no longer part.)


  1. You have issues. :D Just kidding, it's cute.

  2. Certainly interesting, but a nice piece. :)

  3. Haha, thanks guys. Now, I wish I had the guts to actually send it. I have his brother added on Facebook, I should totally get him to buy a copy of the book. :)