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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss Scarlett

Skin Deep Beauty

Beauty is more than

the soft calico coat,

her beautiful eyes; to boast

would be an understatement—

hours of grooming spent,

brushing the matte;

carefully cleaning her small cats.

A mother’s love never fails

or falters in trouble’s sails—

the waves of danger; ice and fire,

the heat never tires

in flashes of red, orange and yellow.

“Where are they?” her mews bellow,

the burning effigy

man’s carelessness never flees.

Forgetting her beautiful calico mane

perfectly brushed, the matte tamed;

clear blue eyes as telescopes—

the sweetness of spice and soaps;

molten goo to disfigure, watch out for lye,

watch for the indigo and scarlet dye;

it is almost enough to stop her—

crack, crunch “Get help, dear sir!”

she hears the shrill voice down below,

the timbers crunch, creak and glow.

But, how will she ever get out?

“Children come here.” her mews shout;

if only they’d come—it’s so hot—

“Look! That cat there that trots!”

“What is that she got?”

“Kittens! And a whole lot—“

“Call the hospital! Look at her!”

Beauty is more than how you once were;

perfect calico mane, soft and tame,

beautiful blue eyes, you could blame

the furious flames, disfiguring your face,

charring your fur, where heat was placed

leaves the scars and singes on your ears.

Yet, you never tear

in bitterness and vain

or never cry in memory’s pain.

For beauty resides in the heart

And love for children that never parts.

So remember, beauty is more than

the soft calico coat or perfect skin.

Do cats have 9 lives?

Eat, sleep, play, courage, valor

Loving family.

Lonely waif creature

Purr-purring that melts your heart

You brightened our lives.



  1. Thanks. :) I am going to write an essay about the real Scarlett for my book.