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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Love Halloween

First off, if you're a West Chester University student and a good friend of mine, please read this:

In honor of celebrating Halloween, please join me at either of the following times:

Halloween morning at 10am in Swope Music Building. I will be playing my rendition of some Halloween music (beginnings only) and some special music in the organ room. Please meet me in the main lobby and I will let you into the room where we can get into the spirit through song.

Halloween afternoon at 12 noon at Sykes. I will be having a little Halloween celebration complete with cupcakes and some food. :)

Please join me for this wonderful day. :) Plenty of picture opportunities as well!


Dad, mom and I carved pumpkins tonight. I made a cool one. Let me share. :)


  1. We might do the same with our pumpkin this year. Love it!!

  2. Thanks Ken. :) I think next year I am going to add guacamole to it. ;)