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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Positive Affirmations

I love Halloween. In fact, I consider this more my holiday than Christmas. I love the lore behind this magical day and of course dressing up (which will be for another positive affirmation post). This year I am planning a party. I've always wanted to throw my own Halloween party since it seems like I am always going to other peoples' parties. I just need some help planning.

My party is October 22nd at 5pm. I told people to bring candy and a treat bag because we'd have our own little trick-or-treat thing going. Would that sound too childish? I figure we all love candy and at a certain age we miss going trick-or-treating. I was going to have people set their treat bag on the table and throughout the night, people would randomly place a treat in. Maybe I ought to rescind bringing a treat bag, just the candy and I would just get some of the paper bags I have left from my party and fill them before they get there and as they walk in, they could put candy in each bag. What would sound better?

I have no idea what else we can do. I don't want it to be too childish. They're definitely getting dressed up (of course, that's what Halloween is all about!), so maybe there could be a contest for best costume? Then I could just give them something fun and inexpensive. But, that might not be fun, so I want to scrap that. I know for a few years at my friend Elizabeth's parties, we would have a donut eating contest and whomever won got a small little prize. I always found that fun, as shown in the picture from 2009:

In 2009 my friend Joyce also had a Halloween party two weeks before Halloween. I remember there was a lot of dancing and a lot of other just let whatever happen happen. Here is the album from Fall 2009 and I will post the Halloween album from 2010. Please, please, please help me with more activities!

Mom is planning the main meal... we're just getting it catered from Wegmans. We will have two punches: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I will be making this, though (which you will see in the 2010 album, but I will post it here too)

Rice Krispy treat ghosts. I made them with margarine at nan's house. This year I am going to make with butter since it should hold them together better. I just love all the treats you can make at Halloween. :) And of course, I will be dressing up as Clay Matthews. I just need to get yellow pants.

And of course: here is the cool invite I made to send to people. :)


  1. Sounds fun! I went to a party where the doughnuts were suspended on strings and we had to race to eat them. It's not as easy as it sounds.

  2. That sounds like an idea! Hmm... now just convincing my dad (my dad is OCD and hates messes)