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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Daily Positive Affirmation 10/22/2011 -- Halloween Party

Today was my Halloween party. Although, all who RSVPed didn't show up, my three good friends that did, we had a good time. Although, the plate game I had planned didn't work too well and I forget the donut eating contest, we caught up while eating our sandwiches. Also, Zach came and I hadn't seen him in three years. He moved back into the area and it was so nice seeing him. :) Although I didn't have the grand feast I planned, it felt nice spending the evening with my best friends. It is time like these when no one else shows, that the people who do show are your best friends and are there no matter what.

Next week is the Beer Fest at Iron Hill Brewery. I am not a fan of beer, but I want to check it out especially since there is an actual pumpkin keg there. :) And I can go dressed up in my Clay Matthews costume. Then Bones said he can take me to see Old School next week, so I can dress up again, I hope Bones doesn't change his mind. I love getting dressed up. ♥
Fun night; tomorrow is Packers day! GO PACK GO!

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