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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Green Bay Packers Free Write

First off, I am planning on releasing Adventures Through The Strawberry Patch in November. Please check out the Facebook event:

Release of Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch

I am working currently on some more ideas. Instead of writing a whole book towards this years Green Bay trip, I will wait until next year when I hope to go for a whole week, and will be writing a travel narrative for ATTSP. It's just trying to figure out which format. Should I do a journal format? My other travel pieces only are a day, this is four days, so a journal would make more sense. What do you think dear readers? I made a new and improved PowerPoint slide, please check it out:

On Thursday night the Packers played their first game of the season. They won! Woohoo! I fell asleep through the second half, but the first half was AMAZING. I wore my getup to school on Friday and the one bio professor took my picture and I am waiting for him to send me the picture. Here is how I looked on Thursday night:

I have this new tradition (and I swear I am not an alcoholic) that started when I was in Green Bay and their first win of the pre-season. Every time they win, I take a shot. I am actually thinking of writing a poem about this tradition in my book. I am trying to work through possible openings:

Ripping off Poison's "Nothin' But a Good Time" with the line "Raise a toast among us" or how the tradition started with the amazing-ness of Green Bay. Then again, that could connect well to "raise a toast among us". What do you think? Input please!

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