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Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Positive Affirmation

On MDJunction, I belong to a group called Self Esteem & Positive Thinking. I always have had a low self esteem and positivity was always few and far between for me, so I decided to join to help me create a better outlook for myself. One of the members posted this exercise from a famous blog:

Need an Instant Emotional Boost? Create a Book of Positiveness~Published by kimmiesm“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”
Here’s an idea I came across that can help you out on those days when you feel defeated, depressed and ready to give up on a goal you feel doubtful you will ever reach. On those days that you might feel a bit down on yourself about things you feel you failed at, try this exercise:
Create a Book of Positiveness for yourself
The purpose of the book is to give yourself a reminder of all the things you have to feel good about, all the accomplishments you have achieved thus far, and to train your mind to focus on what you do like about yourself and your life, instead of always focusing on what’s wrong in your life.
In my book, I have added photo’s of times in my life when I struggled to get past an obstacle, times when I persevered through those obstacles, good times with family and friends and any achievements I have made in my life, even as far back as grade school with all the 1st and 2nd place ribbons I won for excelling in gymnastics. Sometimes I run across pictures in a magazine that trigger a positive feeling in me and I will cut it out and paste into my book for later reference. Sometimes that picture can give me a spark of creativity that I never knew was there before.
Whenever I have some days that feel rough to get through, I sometimes go and look through that book to remind myself that this is only temporary. It may feel as though it will go on and on but in reality it’s only for a time. That’s usually the way everything in life is, temporary. I use this book to remind myself to be more patient with others, myself and life. I also use it at times when I feel a bit depressed, usually always has a way of bringing a smile back on my face.
Give it a try and see what you think….

So, I am going to be doing this and will be dedicating one entry a day, regardless of how busy I am, to positive affirmations about myself. I challenge you dear readers to do the same.

For my first affirmation, my trip to Green Bay. It was the first time I traveled for more than one day alone and despite my parents' belief that I will not be successful at it, I was. I actually handled my money better when I was traveling alone than when I am at home. It made me feel proud of myself because I could handle the money; having bipolar disorder that is one aspect I struggle with from time to time, but I accomplished it and I felt proud. Also, I met some wonderful people at the hotel, at the tailgate party and at the game. Their warmness exuded into me and I can honestly say I have never felt so happy before. Being inside of Lambeau Field was just wonderful and it was something about being at a game that made me feel so alive; the rushing and pulsating sensation were intense. It was just a great experience, I can't really put to words the feelings it stirred in me, but I feel like I truly belong there. My goal is to move there after graduation and eventually get a job in Lambeau hopefully writing for the Packers.

Let me share a poem with you on the new tradition of taking a shot for a Packers' victory. I am going to include it in my travel narrative:

Here's a toast among us,
green and yellow shots take air;
around me, rowdiness and cheer--
Lambeau's scent and swear in my hair,
an accentuation to my carefully painted face.
Another victory, here's to another year
of health, wins, good games and a trophy--
my first game, in my eyes joyful tears.
So here's to a new tradition--
of yearly travels to Green Bay,
comradery, tail gates and cheers in bars,
now what do you say?
Green and yellow shots descend,
"Go Pack Go" a quick gulp defends.

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