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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Tomorrow is the day! Woohoo! I won't be bringing my laptop, so you won't be seeing me for four days. I want the rest and relaxation, so I'm unplugging from the laptop and phone (only using the phone to call my parents and nan).

I finalized the itinerary. Though it's sort of not a true itinerary since I left a lot of flexibility in the schedule. Sue me, it's a vacation and vacations don't need to be structured like a classroom. :)

I am going to post the schedule.

I had to cross out the Civil War tea party; today I called up Hazelwood and the nice woman said they had to cancel because the host backed out. That made me cry a bit. :( But, I'll be going to Heritage Hill instead. Also, I will be going to the Brown County Fair, which looks awesome: Brown County Fair
When I go Saturday night, I can see the rodeo and Renegade, a rock country band will be playing.

And of course I can't wait to see my Packers! ^_^ Sooo excited!