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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday (4)

Since I skipped my thankful Thursday post last week out of exhaustion and will be missing next week's since I will be in Green Bay, I don't want to seem very rusty when I get back since that would mean not doing a post in three weeks. Anyway, happy Thankful Thursday everyone!

I've been very depressed (again) about Jim lately. Although it's been five months, I still can't fully fathom he's gone. I'm thankful I got to know Jim throughout my high school years. Despite the rumors (being called a whore, stalker, creeper) and other things people said about me (mostly being a psycho), he still talked to and associated with me. Although we didn't talk 24/7, I am thankful I had his friendship. Him along with a few other friends have helped me get through some dark times in 2006. Looking back, I didn't thank him for his understanding and kindness. I wish I did before that huge fight last year. :(

Speaking about death and losing a friend, in January 2010 I lost another dear friend of mine -- Judy Bierman. Although I never met her in real life, we met on and she became my writing mentor -- we instantly became best buddies. She lived in Wisconsin and died of leukemia. Before she died, I told her maybe in the summer (2010) I'd come out to finally meet her and visit her in the hospital as well as seeing a Packers game. Sadly, she passed away before I could make those plans. Like Jim, I am happy she helped me through the post-breakup of Jacob and Danny, both in 2009 as well as other personal problems. I am thankful I also had her as a friend. I was thinking about contacting her son to tell him I'm going to be in Green Bay, but with reports of crazies out there, I am not sure what my parents would think. Maybe I ought to e-mail him anyway to show how greatful I was for his mother's friendship.

What are you thankful for, my dear friends?

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