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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I can't even read these articles anymore, they really make me sad and really angry. It makes me angry about this war; I do believe we should get out because I know it's not all about 9/11. And there's a long, complicated history between the Middle East (the Israel debacle) and the West. I know that what these terrorists did was wrong on 9/11. I know they are angry with us because we side with Israel. But why fight injustice with murder? Why fight murder with more injustice and murder? Some of you might assume that I am knocking Muslims, I am not. I don't think anyone is innocent in this long history. However, I do believe that we were in the wrong starting this war. Yes, what bin Laden did was wrong, but why go after supposed tyrants when you can't even acknowledge our own past? Nan hollers at me because I sound anti-American, maybe I am, but we're not innocent like she paints us out to be. We seem to turn our cheeks when finances become involved. Jews slaughter Muslims? Nah, the Jews are innocent and its' the Muslim's fault. Muslim protesting treatment in their country, it's them being angry and swayed by al-Qaeda. How about everything in Africa (not in the Egypt area, but further South) with genocide.It seems as if we don't have an economic interest in the country, we turn a blind eye. I believe that is wrong and primitive thinking.

As long as we have this type of thinking going on, sadly, I think these stories will become the norm. That's why I can't watch the news anymore.

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