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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jessica's Mix... Track 9

I love Led Zeppelin. I remember the same summer that I got into Lynyrd Skynyrd I also got into Led Zeppelin. Of course "Stairway to Heaven" was the first song I loved and the more I listened, the more I fell in love. That shocked mom too, haha. I remember ordering the greatest hits CD in September 2003, I shocked her but in a good shock. For my 16th birthday, July 4, 2005, I was given Led Zeppelin IV and couldn't stop listening to it.

I remember looking through mom's yearbook from when she graduated in 1982, "Stairway to Heaven" was their class song. It fits. I know college has been like this song, with all the different paths I could go on and having all these opportunities. I also changed so many paths in college -- dropping a German major to learning Arabic, leaving my history major to become an English writing major. And although I have to stay for 2-3 years longer, I am happy for it. Also, after Jim's death, it seems like the paths I thought I could go on were obliterated when he died. I feel awful that the last time I talked to him, we fought. He deleted me. I wish I noticed sooner than when he died because I would have apologized. I kick myself for the fight because he was an awesome, great friend and although we only talked online (too shy to talk to him in high school), he was a great friend. Since his death, he really has shaped the path I am on. I am getting help with my mental health and physical health. Although I can't go back and apologize and make amends, we did fight about my health and he told me to get help -- Jim, this is for you. Jim also loved Led Zeppelin as well, so again-- this is for you Jim!

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