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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jessica's Mix... Track 5

My first concert I ever saw -- September 4, 2005. I was 16 and totally in love with Motley Crue and still am. I went with my parents and it was also a carnival... the Allentown Fair. I have to say it was funny to see Tommy Lee's tittie cam... my dad bursted out laughing, though it was a bit awkward for mom and I. It was just a great experience. :) Here is my blog post from the day after from my deadjournal (I celebrated 9 years last month, I should start updating that again):

Monday, September 5th, 2005

12:59p - Fun Times with Motley Crue  Protected

Yesterday we left at about 2, arrived at the carnival at 3 since Allentown is a good hour away from KOP. When we got there we noticed an admission price. The ticket person asked if we had Motley Crue tickets because the tickets covered the admission price for the carnival. Turns out it was inside the carnival because during Labor Day weekend they hire popular acts to come perform. Thurs. was Larry the Cable Guy, Fri. was Tim McGraw, Sat. was Hillary Duff (*shudders*) and last night was Motley Crue. They saved the best and wildest act for last. We walked around to see what we wanted for a late lunch/ dinner, so we went to Little Richard's. I got a turkey leg, corn, french fries and a roll. The turkey leg was huge. I only ate half of it. When we sat down in the tent, bees started attacking, so once we finished we got out of there.
We walked around, mom had to use the bathroom. We walked by this shop and they were selling a tee-shirt with the confederate flag and it said "Gir Er Done." It was $8 ($25 at the shore), but they only had extra larges, couldn't get it. I wear atleast a medium. Mom came out of the bathroom, walked around and looked at the prizes of the games. They had confederate flag pictures. I wanted one, so I tried the balloon dart game. I only hit one balloon, so I won a bear.
We went inside the farmer's markets. The one reminded me of Zern's. This one girl was handing out fliers on different religions. I got one that said, "BIG COLASSIAL ARROGANCE! HOW DARE YOU SAY JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD." I read it, it was funny, laughed and threw it away. We walked into another building that had people selling things and the 4-H contests. Mom was sucked in to this guy cleaning jewlery. He cleaned her jewlery and it looked like the day she bought them. It was a nice cleaner, so we bought some. I have to clean my earrings.
I noticed a stand next to it selling Civil War paintings, but everyone was in the way, so I coul;dn't look. I came to a Civil War display with the medic wagon, Union uniforms on one side, cooking ware at the back and Rebel uniforms. I took some pictures. I also looked at the guy reenacting (he took pictures, he wasn't dressed up, he was reading for the fair). And read some info. Then we moved to the judging areas. I liked the cake section the best- they had some pretty good looking cakes. I also liked some of the dresses that were made. I decided to go back to the Civil War paintings, no one was there and the guy in charge said, "Looks like we have a Civil War buff." and I replied, "Yeah." and we had a nice little conversation about the Civil War. He also asked me what side I like the best and I said both (though I like the Confederacy a bit more, but I do love both sides.) and he said that's a good way to be. The small painting were $5, but mom said I couldn't buy it since it didn't come with a frame and we had nowhere to put it. I was bummed. We walked out and moved onto the animals that were being judged. We looked at the ducks, goats, sheeps and cows. The goats were baaing and dad said to me, "They're calling you. They know how much you love them." I laughed. I also pet a sheep. They felt so soft.
Walked out of there, washed my hands and watched the old antique machinery. Still in good condition and worked perfectly. I said to dad, "Shame they don';t have cotton gins." We then went into the barn with poultry and rabbits. I loved petting the rabbits. There were some pretty big rabbits. Mom heard we couldn't bring cameras into the stadium, walked back to the car, saw a guy and his wife/girlfriend with a greyhound and we pet him. I'm surprised I pet him and he wasn't hyper. He was nice. Mom said greyhounds aren't mean and hyper dogs. They're calm dogs. We walked back, got a funnel cake, looked around and waited until 7:30 when the gates opened.
We finally got into the gates at 8. I said to mom, "Maybe if I don't spend all my money and if stores are still opened, I want to get a Civil War painting." Before the show they were playing all this music on CD and it consisted of White Zombie, Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains and some other bands. The show finally started at 8:30. It was so cool, they had a television screen come down and they had a cartoon version of Motley Crue talking about the end of the world. When the screen went back up, a clown and lady came out and the show opened with "Shout At the Devil". It was fun singing along with Vince. I couldn't believe I was seeing them in person. We were in the balcony, so we couldn't see their faces, but they had TV screens on the sides. We saw the whole stage and the props they had set up, but you could still see Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy pretty good. On the screen I saw Mick had his face painted with corpse paint! That was awesome. I saw and rocked out to all the songs. The best thing about a concert is you can't make a fool of yourself.
Intermission was at 9:15 and they had the TV screen again and they were playing Pantera's Cowboys From Hell. Mom and I ventured to the concession stand. On the way there I was talking t a fellow metal head who said Cowboys from Hell was the greatest song and I said, "It is one of the greatest Pantera songs." Long lines at the concession stand, only two people working. We finally purchased something when "Girls, Girls, Girls" was being played. Mom saw the motorcycles (dad told us later how cool it was). I was singing the song to myself.I got a tee-shirt and program. Went back to our sears, they did a tribute to the Hurricane victims. They performed "Glitter", "Without You" and "Home Sweet Home". During "Without You" mom gave me her lighter and I heled it up. I had no idea how to work it, so she had to start for me. She told me to be careful. I sang all of "Without You" and "Home Sweet Home" with Vince and the thousands of others. Halfway during "Home Sweet Home" I had to turn the lighter off, it was getting hot and I didn't want to burn myself.
Then Nikki came out and told us to make the loudest noise ever and for us sitting in the balcony to get up and make some noise too. So we did and we were the loudest. Dad was rocking out to Motley Crue the entire time too. I rocked out the entire concert, but for "Louder Than Hell", "Dr. Feelgood", "Same Old Situation" and other new songs I stood up and tried to scream. But I can't scream. So I just continued what I was doing before, singing along. It was fun singing along with them and then Vince held the mic out to the crowd so we could do the chorus. Then Vince came out talking, then Tommy did booby cam. It was a little disturbing, but funny. Dad got a kick out of it, mom didn't really like it. Then they played "Kickstart My Heart" for the finale. It was fun. I loved it. I hope they come back next year. Mom and dad said they enjoyed themselves too.
I didn't get the Civil War painting because at the time mom said she'd pay for the program ($20) and I had to pay for the shirt ($35, hey, we were in line already and I wanted a shirt. I can be such a tourist.) So I didn't have money left and think the stores were closed when it let out at 11. We got home at 12:30, I bathed, went to bed at 1:15. This morning mom said, "I paid for the shirt, you paid for the program." And gave me the $15 I had left.
I'm going to upload the pictures of the animals and Civil War display later. I wish I could have brought the camera in, but if I did they wouldn't give it back if the confiscated it.
Tomorrow is school. I won't be on much during the school year, so for the most part I'll be a bad journal buddy. If you want to cut me, feel free to, but if you do, I guess we weren't really good friends in the first place.

Rock on!

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