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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Luggage all laid out on the back bed ready to be packed on Wednesday night.

Clay Matthews III jersey (check)
Claymania tee (check)
White t-shirt (for under the jersey) (check)
...(tharr be more)Old School Rocks Philly t-shirt (check)
Pantera t-shirt (check)
black sweat pans (check)
jeans (check)
face glitter (check)
Green eye liner (check)
Green and yellow eye shadow (check)
Face paint
Medication (check)
Q-tips (check)
Tooth brush (check)
Tooth Paste (have to check with nan)
Mouth Wash (check)
Game ticket (check)
Hotel restaurant coupons (check)

What else?
 My one co-worker brought it to my attention that when she stayed in Southern Wisconsin her hotel had a water park. I knew my hotel had a pool, but I investigated further and it does have a water park! Take a look:
Tomorrow I have to call the hotel and ask them if my I have to call the complementary shuttle service when I arrive. I know, it's a dumb question, but I do need the shuttle phone number. Since this is my first trip alone I rather ask stupid questions than be lost or stuck somewhere.

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