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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday (2)

It’s Thankful Thursday again! On Tuesday night my great uncle’s common-law wife called Nan and I to tell us my great-uncle passed away at the age of 90. He is going to be cremated. Nan was saying I was the only one of the great nieces and nephews never really knew him since he moved down to Florida 40 years ago. I can say I’m thankful I knew him—he was a cool man and very friendly. He would always visit Nan, Mom, Dad and I when he drove up to Pennsylvania (stopped 10 years ago). I loved the stories he used to tell about being in the Navy and being stationed in Pearl Harbor during World War II; thankfully he was sent to Pearl Harbor AFTER the bombing. He would always call me during the Christmas season and we’d catch up and he would praise my attempts and half-hearted accomplishments. He also loved to hear my travel stories, especially when I went to Germany for a week and a half in 2007. I’m going to miss that, but I am lucky I got to know him unlike my other cousins.

I am also thankful for my doctors and therapist for helping me keep my health on track. Yes, bipolar does suck, but as I was telling Nan about how at least Uncle Freddy lived a long fruitful life (I guess that’s why I don’t mourn when someone old dies) unlike children who have diseases and die young or people who are murdered. Although there are many days where I wish I didn’t have this disorder, I am thankful I don’t have anything more severe and lying in the hospital hooked up to machines or going through painful chemo treatments and worrying about dying. This part of being thankful might not make sense, but before my therapies and medication, I was very suicidal and could experience some of the hell these patients most likely go through (but not really on the same scale). I couldn’t imagine getting chemo or going through that process. I’m thankful that despite my mental health, I am a healthy girl.


I wrote a few six word stories:

Exhaustion. Sweat. Mirages of fiery fog.

  

Neon sun; to the pond now!

  

For sale: fame, angst, guitar, shotgun.

  

Infinite: beyond experience. The end.


  1. Sorry to hear about your great uncle, but thank you for sharing a bit about him here. As for the second paragraph in your post, it does make perfect sense to me and I understand where you are coming from.

  2. I mean every illness sucks, but I think it's always helpful to look at it in a positive light and it could always be worse. It breaks my heart to see children that suffer from cancer and die so young. 5 months ago my friend and his family were murdered by his twin and it still has me so upset. They were really nice people and my friend had so much going for him -- his life was cut short at 23. :(

  3. Sorry to hear that. I am glad that you are optimistic. It really could be worse and you are handling it well.

  4. Hey, I'm going to have to live with it all my life and I know there are gonna be some crappy days (really depressed or really irritable), so I have to embrace those sides because well, I could be dead.