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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat, Heat, Go Away

Today was 95 degrees--102 degrees with humidity-- and the air conditioning at job #1 broke (I so hope the air conditioning at job #2, the library, is working. I only work there 6:30-8:30 tonight and tomorrow night), so it was brutal today. I still have a headache and I've been out of work for ten minutes. It makes me wish I was here:​ther/today/McMurdo+Antarct​ica+AYXX0010
I have never been a fan of the summer. I love winter, fall and spring. I wish I could hibernate in the summer. Oh, I wrote the essay too! I will post tomorrow, mayhaps.


  1. I wish it would. I am 100% a Fall person.

  2. It's been lightly raining for much of the Summer here so far! Even when it hasn't been raining it hasn't been hot...our hot weather has currently all taken place in the Spring.