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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Early Thanks

I know, I know, my thankfulness usually isn't until Thursday, but sue me I have something to write about today that I am VERY grateful about.

Lately money has been a big problem for me with the diagnosis and me loving to spend. Last month I received an e-mail from the Sierra Club stating there was a scholarship available and all I needed to do was write a survey, get a letter from a professor, a letter from an organization or someone I helped and write an essay. I asked one of my favorite philosophy profs to write me a letter by June 30th. I never heard back from him, so I assumed he forgot and didn't bother with an essay.

I received this e-mail today at work:

Jessica – I received your letter of recommendation but nothing else. If you are still interested, please submit the rest of your information to us. You should provide the information requested:
Applications must include a letter of application; the student’s academic record; two letters of support: one academic and the other from a community group in which the applicant has done volunteer work; and a 300-word essay on how the student intends to use their environmental education to protect the environment. Each essay must include a heading with the applicant’s name, home mailing address, email, and phone number.
Thanks for your interest in the Wyona Coleman Scholarship. – Phil Coleman and Wendi Taylor
So, I replied:
Hi Wendi,
I’m still waiting for the professor. Thank you.
And got this response:
The only thing we have received on your behalf is  a letter from Prof. Edward Pollitt. We are also looking for your essay, your grades and a letter of recommendation from a community group for which did volunteer work. If you have any of those please email them to me or Phil Coleman. -- Wendi
Tonight I have to write the 500 word essay and send it off tomorrow. Oh my God, I so want to hug Prof. Pollitt right now (I know it would be inappropriate) for doing such a huge favor for me. I also want to hug the Sierra Club right about now as well. I feel so blessed right now and so thankful.