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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manhattan (Beginning Essay from my trip in March)

This is only the first paragraph of it. How does it sound? Yes, I am looking to go for a bit of sadness to open it up a bit, given it was a time of great loss.

The bright sunshine that shone through the bus’s window radiated my brown hair and warmed my body. The sunshine was unusually warm for March, but I wasn’t complaining as I couldn’t shake the cold feeling of my friend’s murder two weeks before. Today would be a day that I could escape from the jail cell of emotions I had been trapped in; I would be in a new city. The warm sunshine, like Jim’s life, was gone in an instant. I shouldn’t have been surprised, unlike with the news I heard, there was an indication to this darkness as of a few minutes ago when I saw the green sign with white big letters read LINCOLN TUNNEL, but I was too busy thinking about being in New York for the first time.

The few lights that did shine in the abyss of the Lincoln Tunnel almost gave me a feeling of hell, or what Dante would perceive as hell in his Inferno. Although there was no stench (at least not to my knowledge, I am eternally stuffy and couldn’t smell a thing), the lights from the cars gave an eerie, hellish glow.

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