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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I Were a Sheep

(Having some fun, I’m making a book in Word to show my Advanced Word class, so I wrote a poem about what it would like to be a sheep, now I just need to get the line number to cooperate. Please let me know what you think)

If I Were a Sheep

If I could be, I would be a sheep,

under the Milky Way I can sleep

and it would be neat to have a wooly coat,

grayish white, soft and firm; oh I’d gloat—

I’d have the best hair, those mangy mutts

will never hold sheers for sweaters to cut;

I’d bah and bleat, give me a nice warm bath—

don’t you dare remove the dirty path!

I love my long hair that protects my skin,

from sun and infection, laminin thin;

maybe it would be best not to be a sheep,

I’d have to watch out for the company I keep

and in the summer I couldn’t gloat—

my owners would sheer my coat

despite protests, bahs and bleating,

fight, fight, gosh darnit fight or take a beating—

Yes, I don’t think being a sheep would be good,

but I would try if it was promised that I could

keep my coat unruly and long

and bask in my fame with fortune and song,

only on that condition I would;

being a sheep could be very good.

In memory of Shrek the Sheep

September 1994-June 6, 2011

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