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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rainy Days, Sunny Days...

I find it interesting, people with bi-polar disorder will most likely have thyroid disease. Huh. It's been a confusing road so far, my parents were in denial at first, but I think it calmed down a bit. They took the American Express away (thank God), but they want me to get a new bank account so they can co-sign. I dunno, that makes me nervous. But, it could just be me over thinking. The medication has helped some, I'm not as suicidal, though I still get depressed and irritable and have some moments of not thinking clearly. However, the doctor said this medication will take a few months to get used to. My general practitioner, I have to call later, I have my thyroid appointment on Saturday and I want to tell her about the diagnoses and show her the medication so she has it on record.

I told my boss at the ACC about this today. I was debating it and so nervous about telling her, but she seemed sympathetic. I decided to tell her because I am going to need to duck out of work for a half an hour to go to therapy. So, hopefully it's not a mark against me. I guess there still is stigma behind mental illness. I e-mailed a friend from this old bi-polar group on and told her about the diagnosis and to e-mail me at my gmail address. I guess it's a good thing to talk to other people with the illness too. I also thank God for my friends and family. They have been helpful thus far.

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  1. I have a friend who is bi-polar and he has spending sprees that are crazy. He is very generous and sometimes we have to talk him out of buying things.

    I hope it works out for you. I would try to not use a debit/credit card often because it is easy to lose track of spending. If you only take out 'x' amount of cash dollars a week, it is easier to reason before buying things.