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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Joe-Joe (A Letter)

If you remember from a post I wrote last week, about the debate I had about writing Jim's brother, I decided it would be best not to send the letter, but I did write what I would say in poem form. You know, these exercises can be cathartic.

Dear Joe-Joe,
I don't really know
how I should start this letter,
asking, no formalities, would be better--
I was a friend of your brother's,
now I will no longer have another
chance for apologies
except on crease
of paper, of anger, of tears--
the fury of the flame that sears,
God knows I wanted to kill you;
and I must confess and be true,
I still want to-- but I ask,
why? why? Why undo your mask,
why unleash your rage on those whom love?
The ones that cared and didn't shove
you off to the side?
As you sit padded inside,
do you feel anything,
does your conscience stab and sting?
No words could quantify my hate,
but I have learned it's never too late;
to not forget, but to fogive and let go,
but I wanted to write to let you know,
none of us will ever forget,
the good friends we've lost, bet
that forgiveness will be slow.
Take care and prepare to face judgment, Joe-Joe.

"Hear O Lord, my righteous plea;
listen to my cry.
Give ear to my prayer--
it does not rise from deceitful lips.
May my vindication come from you;
may your eyes see what is right."
~Psalm 17

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