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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Civil War Reunion: 150 Years Later

This weekend was the annual Civil War reenactment at Pennypacker Mills in Schwenksville, PA. I want to say they've been doing it for 14-16 years, but for the past six years my dad and I have gone faithfully. This year it was extra special because it marked the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War. I am in the process of writing a piece about it, and I will be posting it ASAP (either tomorrow night or Tuesday or Friday after work). Here are some pictures to hold you over. :)

This performer was awesome. I captured four videos, so this one is a tease until my essay. :p

I think this soldier liked me. I think I was becoming his sweet darlin' belle. Towards the end he invited me back to his tent, but dad wanted to go home. Haha, I think my dad was thinking... no one is seducing my daughter at this time! I started writing a poem, but I think it needs changing, so I'm still working on it. Here's the start:

Follow me, please, no delay,
follow me back to the tent
under the stars, not so far away,
the twinkle of your eyes,
your love of our Stars and Bars--
please, don't delay, follow me!
Your porcelain skin,
brownish freckles never stain
the taut lips and white grin--
please tell your daddy, dear,
you're in good hands, don't worry...

I want to change the beginning to:
Follow, follow me, hurry right away...

I am still playing around with it. What do you wonderful readers think?

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