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Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Planning

I was in Hot Topic today looking for Gaga-esque clothes and I found these pants as seen above. I thought they would be perfect. However, they were $35.50 and for something I'd only wear once, I decided not to get them. Sooo, instead I went onto e-bay and bid on the following outfit (I hope I get it):

I bid $6.50 on it, so I hope I get it (if I do, I can wear as pajamas or save for my wedding night if I get married, LOL). For the party, if I do get it, I'll wear it with fishnets and some other stockings and maybe black boots.

People have been asking me what I want for my birthday and honestly, I feel weird telling them what I want or need because it makes me feel selfish. Most of the things I ask for (Christmas) are things I need. I really need these:

*Stretch mark creme (either Palmer's or Cocoa Butter)... I need to get rid of stretch marks from thyroid weight.
*Septa tokens
*Animal pillow for my trip and future uses.

I know, seems boring (I get that all the time when I present my Christmas list with practical things), but if I had to choose something I want, I would choose these:

And of course a mixed CD. Yesterday I started my Civil War narrative from last Saturday. I will post tomorrow after my cousin's graduation party.

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