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Monday, May 30, 2011

Invitations (so far)

I'm going to use some pictures I have with guests and other pictures too, I am going to find some GaGa pictures to print out tomorrow. Really no rules to the invites as GaGa has no rules.

I found these pictures taken last week:

I'll be staying with nan until Friday. So, I won't be on because of work and being at her house at night. See you Friday! Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Green Bay Planning

Well, I am staying an extra day in Green Bay. I decided I wanted one more day to enjoy the town/city and of course, I expect the Packers game going until late. It was actually easy to extend the reservations through Kayak. They were friendly about it. :) I would definitely recommend the site.

I also booked the flight -- $278, a surprise flight because it was a bargain. The leaving of Philadelphia to Green Bay is great (11:10 am), but the coming back time is late... 10:42pm. Mom wants me to change it... I sent her the e-mail because she wants to dispute it with American Express since Expedia won't cancel it. However, the other flights are $338-$358. I think I am just going to tell mom tomorrow I will take a cab home. I'll probably get lectured about how expensive they are, but I can use the money I'll be saving on flights toward that. But, James said if he's free on 8/21 he can pick me up, but he'll let me know closer. Then I can just take that Monday off from work. I'm only taking one day off from the help desk, I know another day won't hurt. In fact, both bosses (library and ACC) said I should take at least a few days off because I work hard and they don't want me to burn out.

Last week I received the free Green Bay Visitor Guide magazine via mail. I was looking through it and some of the things they were advertising sold me on staying the extra day, haha. I just have to see how far they are from the hotel. A few things that seem cool to me:

*Heritage Hill State Historical Park:
a 54 acre living history park beautifully nestled on the banks of the Fox River. Visitors are invited to explore the church, the farm and the 23 other historic buildings representing four centuries (1600s-1900s) of Northeastern Wisconsin's rich heritage. Costumed guides throughout the park assist visitors in fun, like making butter at the farm, or designing an 1872 calendar in the print shop.

*Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
Home of the NFL's most storied franchise, fans love the stories of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau. Inside the Hall of Fame, visitors can relive the most exciting moments in Packers history. The huge 25,000-square foot museum has 80 exhibits including three Super Bowl trophies, a re-creation of Vince Lombardi's office and a place for the kids to try the "Lambeau Leap."

*Green Bay Ghost Tour

*Lambeau Field Stadium Tour
On Lambeau Filed Stadium Tour, you'll pass through a game-day suite, walk through a game-day suite, walk through the players' tunnel, sit in the bleachers and learn about the incredible history of the Green Bay Packers.

*Green Bay Botanical Gardens
Celebrate the enduring partnership between plants and people in over 47 acres of gardens and natural areas that capture the beauty of Northeastern Wisconsin's four wonderful seasons.

*Cofrin Memorial Arboretum/Beach Wildlife Sanctuary/Barkhausen Wildlife Preserve

And while I am there, the Brown County Fair will be going on.

I'm not sure if I'll have the time for everything, but those are just some ideas of what I'd like to do. :) I still have to order my tail gating tickets. The NFL better be out of lockout for my trip!

Party Planning

I am making out the invites now. How would this sound?



Attire: GaGa!!! Required! Prize will be rewarded for the best GaGa outfit!

Haus of Jessica

R.S.V.P. June 19, 2011
Regrets only!

I went into Michaels today and saw tie-dye and iron on shirt designs, I think that is going to be one of the activities. I think it would be fun and it would be totally "GaGa"ish. I think I'm also going to have games and singing contests.
I also saw this at Michaels: 

It's body art paint and most of what GaGa uses. ^_^ In three or four weeks, I'm going back and buying. It shouldn't run out.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Party!

My birthday, as some of you might know, is July 4th. If I do have a birthday party, I have it several weeks in advanced because no one is around on a holiday. This year my birthday is a Monday and I have a doctor's appointment on July 2nd, so I'm going to be holding something on June 25th. I'm thinking, wait scratch that, IT IS GOING TO BE a Lady Gaga themed party. :)

I know you're thinking WHAAA?! How are you going to pull that off? I'm still working out the kinks, but I have a few ideas in mind. It's going to be a costume party, of course, a Gaga party isn't complete without funky costumes. And we're going to have games and dances. I'm going to call it "Monster's Ball". I did post something on Yahoo! Questions:;_ylt=AlhIxHsU2_XpXZluKdr6OuTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110527163445AAqvUiB

I'm writing the invitations as we speak (and no Facebook invites this year, I'm snail mailing people the invites and they'll have to respond, almost like a wedding). I'm thinking of doing the invites this way:




Oh, and the VIP List. If your name is starred, please e-mail me your address.

Jessica Curtis
Liz Dierolf
Chris Pierdomenico
Dave Pierdomenico
Robert Goodman
Joyce Burkert
*Liz Salidierna
*Marsha Williams
Tia Wilkinson
*Kendra Maas
Brynn Lancaster
Josh Merer
Straw Beary Stanley
Ally Vila
Laura Furman
Josef Hallermeier
*Tim Schweidel
Andre Clark
*Christine Walsh
Destiny Keller
Hannah Rodriguez
*Stephanie Ann
*Samantha Geigert

Friday, May 27, 2011


I just found out I have hypothyroidism and that's probably why I gained 60 pounds in the past two years. I am just hoping the medication for it won't mess up the Zoloft, but I keep being reassured it won't. Most likely I'll have to be on both for the rest of my life (mom said, "well maybe you'll get off Zoloft after being treated." I told her, "doubt it, doctor said it's a lifetime thing."). I have to find a psychiatrist for the Zoloft, fortunately my GP will handle the thyroid, but working almost fulltime and now this, ugh. :(

With that said, I had a good first week of being an employee of West Chester University. It feels odd not going as a student, but an employee.

I will be posting more later, promise.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Job #2

Hello fellow bloggers,

I started job #2 and I can say so far I love it. It's really going to help me prepare for the library field (although it isn't library) because I pretty much prepare things and keep general order with the computer and I know at the library I work at, the people behind the scenes do just that. I'm pretty much my boss's right hand woman, so I'm pretty important. :) I can't really talk a lot about the job because of the contract I signed.

It's ironic; when I switched over to English, everyone at the library was happy about it and today when boss #2 announced to people that I was an English major they were ecstatic and said they needed an English major for the job. Soo... what is it about English majors that these jobs love? How come moreso than history majors? They're almost the same thing... liberal arts and preparing the major for the world to come (at least that's what it said in my BA history handbook). But if that's true, how come I have more opportunities now with an English degree than I would have had with a history degree? I mean even the library field is more open to me now (I still could have done it with a history degree, my main boss was a history major) in terms of furthering a career (whether at the township or elsewhere). Even literary places accept me more now that I have "English major" next to my name rather than "history major." It might just be late night musings, but I remember a year ago having an existential crisis about what the hell I would do with the history degree and everyone around me telling me my talent lies in writing and I ought to go for the English degree. Maybe I should have listened in the Spring of 2010 and that way I could have had a start in the Fall of 2010. And maybe also my philosophy minor helps too with these jobs...

Anyway, my schedules

At the lab:
Mondays-Thursdays: 9-4

At the library:
Wednesdays and Thursdays: 6:30-8:30
Fridays: 9-3

I also bought Lady Gaga's new album today. I have to get batteries for my CD player, but I am so excited to listen to it. I have to say Judas (video above) is my favorite song so far.

First Quarter of Travel Essay

This is the first quarter of my travel narrative to Philly. Please let me know what you think so far. :)

I stand next to the empty, dark Papa John's, quite different from the scene during the hustle and bustle of the semester with students going in and out -- but 9 am is usually when things are dead until noon-- waiting for the 104 from West Chester University to 69th Street. As I look out towards Church Street in fear of missing the bus I never took before and praying that the blackened sky with gray clouds didn't open up in a downpour like it had been for the past few days -- this May has felt more like an April.

Finally! The bus was here -- five minutes early than what the Septa site had said and unlike the 92 that is usually late. I stepped onto the double decked bus and handed the driver the daypass I was given by a nice gentleman I usually talk to on the 92. This 104 bus driver, brand new since an older woman dressed in Septa garb stood behind him to watch, was nice and jokingly asked me, "is this pass real?" with me timidly replying "yes," "well, how do you know?" I was about to say the nice man on the 92 wouldn't lie to me because his daughter, as he explained works for Septa, but the driver just punches the May and eighteen as swiped the card while explaining to me that I should swipe first before the driver stamps it.

I settle down comfortably in my seat and drifted away to the heavy metal blasting on my iPod and the beautiful, almost rural, suburban trance of Newtown Square, Havertown, Haverford, Bryn Mawr--

"God, I hope we're almost there," I think to myself. The beautiful scenery around me transforms into a concrete, dingy jungle that separated Havertown from Upper Darby and the outskirts of Philadelphia.

"Thank God, almost there," I hear a black guy behind me sigh and stretch.

I turn around and proceed to ask him "What is there to do on 69th Street?"

"Not much of anything."

"Okay, I'll just go into the city and go to the Academy of Natural Sciences. What should I take to get there?"

"The ell to 15th street," just like the 92 driver had said to me earlier this morning.

"Okay, thanks."

"Mhm," I get a mumble and turn around. The bus finally pulls into the station, I stretch before getting off and after stepping down onto the dirty concrete and being bombarded by car horns, I text Dave about finding me a piercer whether on 69th Street or in the city.

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21?

So, I'm trying to figure out what the big deal about tomorrow is and who came up with this apocalypse theory. I found this one site:

As I’ve personally, been cracking jokes about Day of Rapture being May 21, 2011, I’ve realized I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I joined Facebook’s “Post Rapture Looting” Event.  It says that we will go out and get sweet electronics for our awesome mansions that we’ll squat in after the rapture.
I’m obviously, not going to go looting, but I’m highly amused by the idea.  I’m at Starbucks, sitting next to two 30-something year old preachers.  I was totally eaves dropping.  One of their people has sold all of their Earthly items, and given all of the money to religious charities.  He STRONGLY urged her against this, but she did it anyways.  I wonder where she’s living now.  He then cracked that he’s not preparing a sermon for Sunday, because he will be in Heaven by then.
It’s nice to hear intelligent, believers of Jesus be silly about this.  Do you know why people are claiming it’s going to be the Rapture?  I didn’t.  Then I found this page  Here’s the short of what I learned on it.

“May 21 Rapture Predicted Years Ago

Harold Camping has warned that the Rapture would come on May 21st 2011 for years, and end nears, many are left questioning if his Prophecy is fake.  The Bible has taught Christians to always be ready for the Second Coming of Jesus at any time, sparking Judgement Day predictions throughout history.  Even Harold Camping had a previous prediction of the Return of Jesus for the Rapture that was incorrect due to a mathematical error – when his September 1994 date came and went without incident.  What makes him so sure that this year, this date of May 21 2011, will in fact be the date of the Rapture?
  1. The number 5 equals “atonement”, the number 10 equals “completeness”, and the number 17 equals “heaven”.
  2. Christ hung on the cross on April 1, 33 AD. The time between April 1, 33 AD and April 1, 2011 is 1,978 years.
  3. If 1,978 is multiplied by 365.2422 days (the number of days in a solar year), the result is 722,449.
  4. The time between April 1 and May 21 is 51 days.
  5. 51 + 722,449 = 722,500.
  6. (5 × 10 × 17)2 or (atonement × completeness × heaven)2 also equals 722,500.
Thus, Camping concludes that 5 × 10 × 17 is telling us a “story from the time Christ made payment for our sins until we’re completely saved.”

End of the World on May 21st?  No!

While God give us the date of May 21st Doomsday in the Bible, that is not the date of the End of the World.  May 2011 is just the beginning of Armageddon, and the time when Jesus rules over the Earth.  Those who aren’t saved in the May 21 Rapture will be left behind after Doomsday under the rule of Jesus Christ for the final five months until the End of the World in 2011.
The End of the World 2011 isn’t May 21st, but instead it is October 21st.  After the 5 months of Torment on Earth during the Apocalypse under the rule of Jesus, God will destroy the world on October 21 2011.  Flooding, Famine, Locusts, and large Earthquakes will dominate the End Times, causing mass chaos on earth.  The times of the end leading up to the End of the World 2011 will be particularly chaotic as Satan himself attempts to defeat Jesus in the battle of Armageddon.  The Book of Revelations has already revealed that Jesus will defeat Satan just before the End of the World 2011.

Is the End of The World May 21st, or October 21st for You?

Have you been saved by Jesus?  Do you know, love and accept God in your life?  If so, you will be saved in the May 21 Rapture by Jesus.  The other side of May 21 Judgement Day is that of Doomsday.  Those who aren’t saved by Jesus in the Rapture are are considered “Lost,” and will realize their fate after others are saved, and they are left behind in the May 21st Doomsday.
New people find Jesus every day, and you only have 2 full days remaining until May 21 2011.  Please, let God into your heart, be saved in the May 21 Rapture, and be among those saved on Judgement Day 2011.”
End of that page’s info I’ve copies and pasted.

I was going to write about my trip yesterday and today, but yesterday I had work and made tea sandwiches for the tea party at the senior center with nan. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Since we'll still be here on Earth tomorrow, I will be working on the Philly piece and I will write something about the tea. :)

See you all on May 21!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I went to Philly today after signing the papers and direct deposit for my 2nd job (I'll be starting Monday... I believe I will be getting $8 an hour!). I'm tired, so tomorrow I am going to write up my travel piece. But until then, enjoy some pictures via my Facebook album. :)

I also got my tragus pierced today and you'll hear all about it tomorrow! ^_^

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gratitude (and more GB planning)

Hi fellow bloggers,

On Thursday I made my hotel reservations. Let me tell you,  the receptionist was very sociable and friendly, which took me off guard because receptionists around here are usually miserable and hate their jobs (don't blame them though, as my one best friend is a receptionist and there are some rude people):

"Good afternoon, Ramada Green Bay, how may I help you," a nice man answers.

"Hi," I pause for a moment and continue, "I'm planning a trip to Green Bay in August to see the pre-season game. I don't drive, how far away are you from Lambeau Field?"

"About a block, but it's easy to walk to and other fans will be here. Also, we have a shuttle meant for the games."

"Wonderful! Before I go, I'm 21 -- 22 in July. Am I old enough to rent a room?"

"Of course! I'm 22, today actually."

"Happy birthday!"

"Thanks, miss. Anything else I can help you with?"

"No, that's it, thank you. Thanks for all your help and have a nice day and birthday!"

I booked that room -- $85 a night with complementary shuttle service, a pool, a bar, an arcade, restaurant and the pictures sold me. Now, I have to get the plane ticket -- as of yesterday it was $325, Thursday it was $304, so I hope it doesn't continue to go up.

In other news, I just finished reading The Velveteen Principles For Women and I am going to start weekly gratitude and try to write essays on why I'm grateful. She spoke about death at times and how it';s a chance for great adversary and it's a time to be kind to yourself. I thought about Jim and I can honestly say, although we didn't date and I did like him a lot, I'm glad I knew him and he was in my life. Although things didn't end on good terms, I'm glad we talked and I can reflect on his words. Essay tomorrow. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Searching for a title...

Dear doctor,
formalities, formalities, formalities!
I am no longer your subordinate,
I shall go with the less formal,
your name, yes, what’s in a name?
a diminutive, a pet name,
my love for you shines through:
in Bear, Honey, Sweety
or just your lovely name,
how I love the feeling against my tongue,
my heart that goes thump, boom, boom—
bees and butterflies that tickle my nose,
my stomach in somersaults,
it should win a medal for gymnastics.
I love you my dearest,
but dear doctor,
do you still see me as a little girl,
the one who sat front row,
hand always raised high?
Am I still subordinate;
though close in age;
no longer making grades,
will you cease to be doctor
and let me in to love you?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All about Green Bay a.k.a. more planning!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I feel like for my travel writing piece about Green Bay, I should write about the planning and prep going into this. I think it could make an interesting prologue before the actual trip. I was on yesterday and rooms were $87, but today they're $95. I can't believe it went up $8 in a day! eek! I guess I should book now, but I might look around other sites to see if I can get a cheaper rate. I need the free shuttle services because I don't drive. Ramada has that as well as a pool and restaurant (which would be perfect for me at night). Here's a link to what I'd be getting:[0].numberOfAdults=1&tab=description&arrivalDate=08-18-11&hotelId=106719&validate=false#description

I think I'll look on because that seemed really cheap the other day. Mom called me today and I asked her if I should book now (she's on business, she'll be back late tonight) and she wasn't sure, she'd have to look... but the way things are rising, it might be safe to book now.

Friday I will be purchasing my game ticket. I found the perfect seat -- section 132, row 30... I'm at the end zone! It's $71 before taxes. I think I'm going to order the tailgate tickets ($25) because I want to experience a tailgate. Nan gave me $150 towards my trip. I said, "You really don't have to." Her reply, "I want to and you earned it with your grades."

Which here are my grades by the way:

Arabic 102: A
ENG 295 (Histories and Texts): A-
ENG 194 (Style and Conventions): B
CLS 362 (Modern World Lit): B+
PHI 201 (Philosophy of South Park): B
THA 101 (Theatre I): A-

I'm a bit stunned, I was expecting the worse with my lit class, she had a crazy schedule -- 2 novels to read a week. But, I pulled through with a 3.3 GPA (3.1 overall). Yeah, I think I deserve a vacation.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dandelion Soup

Creamy Dandelion Soup

2 tbsp butter
1 large yellow onion, chopped
1 large bunch dandelion greens,, washed and chopped (discarded through the stem)
¼ tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
1 tsp. salt
6-7 turns of a pepper grinder
4 cups filtered water
1 cup light cream
1/3 cup honey

ä Melt the butter in a large soup pot over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook until translucent.
ä Add the chopped dandelion greens and stir until they wilt. Add nutmeg, salt, pepper and water.
ä Bring contents of pot to a boil, then reduce the temperature to a simmer. Cover and cook until the greens are tender, about ten minutes.
ä When soup is finished cooking, transfer to a blender. Carefully blend until soup is pureed. Add cream and honey and blend briefly to combine. Taste and adjust seasonings.
ä For a smoother soup, press through a fine mesh sieve to remove fibrous bits. Serve hot or chilled.

, Dandelion greens are quite bitter. If that isn’t your preferred flavor profile, you can replace half the greens with baby spinach for a milder soup.

As seen in Grid, May 2011.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Green Bay or bust!

So I have decided that when I finally do graduate, I might take some time off before I go off and pursue graduate school. I want to establish my writing career, especially my travel writing. With that said, I'm planning a trip to Green Bay in August for a few days. My mom wasn't too thrilled about it, but in mid July I will be buying the ticket and I will be purchasing a ticket to see one of the Packers pre-season games. That's most of the reason why I want to go because I love the Packers and I want to see Clay (me loves Clay ♥ ) :D. And I want to start my travel writing. I'd be going from August 18 - August 20. Right now the hotel and flight package is $428; $282 jut for a flight and hotels range. Packers tickets are $70 and I'd be in a good spot. I'm hoping by the time July comes, flights will be cheaper. I'm also waiting to book to save some money (I have about $1300 in savings, I'm hoping the help desk pays and by July I should have $1700 in savings with the library, even more with the help desk if it pays). I'm also waiting just in case I change my mind, but I doubt I will. Eee, I'm so excited! I just hope my dad isn't disappointed in me.

Yesterday I went to Pottsgrove Manor's May Day celebration. Tons of fun and dad had tons of fun as well. :)

A news reporter for (I think that's what it was called... it's a news blogging site) took my picture holding the chicken and interviewed me. I'm going to be famous! Woohoo! She said I should be up next month when it debuts.

Last night we also celebrated nan's birthday complete with her strawberry shortcake

More tomorrow and will have some writings, promise. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Wednesday was nan's birthday. Mom was away, so we'll be celebrating more tomorrow. However, I did get some photos of the floral cake her nephew sent her.

Today is also my great Aunt Millie's birthday, or I should say would have been. She passed away in March 2009. She would have turned 95 today. Here's a little tribute to her.

Aunt Millie is the one in the center. The one in blue is my Aunt Kelly (she passed away in August 2010). This was taking March 2006 during Aunt Millie's going away party (she was moving to her daughter's in Colorado).

Aunt Millie and Mary, nan's neighbor.

Part of dad's side of the family (again from March 2006).

Also, Monday would have been my great grandma's 101 birthday. She passed away in November 2009 at the age of 99.5.

Nan and Great Grandma (Great Grandma is mom's grandma, nan is dad's mom) on Christmas 2005.

I know it has nothing to do with creative writing, but we should all take a time out to remember from whence we came...

End of Semester Reminiscing

Hi y'all,

The semester for me ended on Wednesday and although it seemed long and at times daunting, this semester was one I won't forget. I experienced a tragedy; I still can't believe Jim is gone. I realized that I liked Jim and I wish I did tell him that I had a crush on him in high school when I had the chance. Yet, in this loss, I realized I do care about someone, although not to the extent that I liked Jim, but I am being reminded daily by great friends that this will take time. Regardless, I probably lost this person because it didn't go over so well -- I am terrible at expressing feelings. I also learned that I'm not really that great at reading people like I thought I was before. I suck at it. This is probably not making much sense, but I will edit later... I will have to re-write again because all these feelings are rushing around my head.

Anyway, this semester I lost some friends, but I made some really great ones. I met Hannah in my theatre class and we have become the best of friends. I'm even in her wedding. Last week we went to her fiance's party and she got really drunk and depressed, so I comforted her and nursed her back to health. I also met Christina in my South Park philosophy class as well as Jessica in my English class. I also caught up with some old friends like Samantha, Dave and Christine and strengthened our friendships.

The English major is also going pretty swell. I am excelling in my writing classes as well as my Arabic class. I am pulling up my grades for the philosophy minor. I am actually thinking of doing a double major in philosophy. It really is fun. I also made it into Daedalus, the school literary magazine and was able to read at the poetry center. I'm hoping for my next book, I'll be able to read again. :)

I will have more of an update later.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hookah Fun and Pictures

I am just giving a quick update before work. I will have more of an update later. I just realized I have a week's worth of pictures to catch up you dear readers on. :)

"Hubble bubble," what a funny name for such an enjoyable past time. Sweet smoke; mango flavor, exotic passage to Arabia.

I love hookah-- the roaring of drums, sitars, and lyres dance around my head 'til midnight.

My microstories about hookah. I don't like smoking, but I absolutely love hookah. I hear it's not bad for you unlike tobacco, but other sources say it's even worse. Regardless, it's not something to smoke every day, but every once in a while.

More pictures:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Qaatalu bin Laden (We killed bin Laden)

bin Laden is dead. It's a bittersweet moment for me. Yes, I know he killed thousands of people and I am glad justice was served on that end. However, we have a new monster to deal with. Retaliation anyone? I really don't want to see another 9/11 happen and I really am tired of our boys or troops getting blown to smithereens. I really hope now that bin Laden is dead we'll get the hell out of the Middle East.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tea and Poetry

Tea and Poetry                       

            It’s a cold day—or cooler than it had been all week last week—yet; humidity and rain clouds loom in the air. Yet, despite the weather, a group of young poets and writers from West Chester University meet at the Poetry House on April 28, 2011 for the annual induction of works into Daedalus. This year, however, Literati was incorporated in. The week before I received an e-mail stating:

Dear Ms. Cavaliere,

         Thank you again for your submission of the poem "Eternal Arabian Nights", which will appear in this spring's 2011 edition of Daedalus. As is tradition, we will be hosting a public reading and award ceremony to celebrate both the publication and the authors, and we hope that you will be able to attend. This year's ceremony will take place Thursday, April 28, at the Poetry Center on High Street. Light refreshments will be provided, and monetary awards for the best pieces in each category will be presented at this time.

          If you are able to attend, please respond to this e-mail and let us know ASAP. We would like to be able to form a rough estimate of how many authors will be reading and arrange seating appropriately. Again, we very much hope you are able to attend the ceremony and represent your work within the book!

Thank you,

Miranda Gipe, Daedalus President

            I was nervous nonetheless, and preparing to read “Eternal Arabian Nights,” I felt confident enough to get up and read in front of everyone. It wasn’t until nan, dad and I arrived at the Poetry House that Literati was also featured and I decided to go with my favorite poem, “Papyrus Flow.”
          The night went smoothly: Meghan McCormick won for best artwork, and Joshua Daily for best poem.