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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Decorations 2016

I love Halloween decorations just as much as I love Halloween. We didn't go all out this year; I did order some clear ornaments to make the ghosts and I will carve a pineapple, but the decorations are still simple. I love our decorations, though.

Here are some decorations I've noticed on my walks, especially through Nan's old neighborhood. Now these are some creative decorations!

Of course, the changing leaves were beautiful too!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Travel Bug: the start of Jessica's Halloween costume 2016

Tonight I started working on the shirt for my Halloween costume. Tomorrow I will be adding more pictures and mom will be sewing the skirt.

Here is the picture where I had the inspiration from. Instead, I will have sleeves and the skirt mom is sewing for me will be longer.

This is the fabric mom is using to make my skirt:

I'm looking forward to being the travel bug! Of course, I'll post pictures throughout the creation process, as well as when I wear it on Saturday to see Scattertrain, then to work next Monday for Halloween (as well as the Franklin Institute's Halloween party).

Sunday, October 23, 2016

West Chester University's Homecoming 2016

Yesterday dad and I ventured to my alma mater for their annual homecoming. This was our first time back to a homecoming football game since I graduated in December 2013. When we left the house, it was drizzling and we hoped it wouldn't rain for the game. It drizzled during the practice, but it stopped during the first quarter. It was windy and chilly, but perfect for football.

West Chester gave an amazing performance, beating Cheyney 46-12. The Golden Rams Marching Band was amazing, as always, and the halftime show was amazing. I even saw Rammy! Rammy has always been my favorite mascot. Dad and I enjoyed ourselves and we had a lot of fun watching West Chester give Cheyney a good run. It was also nice bonding.

Watching football is one of my favorite past-times of Autumn. There's something so amazing about watching a game in the chill of an October day with leaves flying around you. Much fun and laughter.