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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Visiting Tanoreen 4/10/2016

On my way home from Toronto - I know, I know, I'm posting about the end of my trip first - I flew into JFK. When I booked the tickets it was cheaper to do two one-way trips; since I flew out of Philadelphia to go to Toronto and had to have a layover in Atlanta because I wasn't sure if I could get there early enough for the Philadelphia --> JFK --> Toronto flight (dad's coworker did end up taking me, but if I had to take the train to Philadelphia, that's why I booked the Philadelphia --> Atlanta --> Toronto flight because the time worked for public transit), I decided coming home I would fly into JFK, hang out in NYC for a few hours, then take the train home. I wanted to try Tanoreen since I love making their fish dish. I thought I could sample how they make their fish dish and learn how to make other dishes as well.

I had reservations for Tanoreen at 12:30. I thought I was supposed to arrive at 10:15 AM, but I misread the ticket and that was the time I was leaving from Toronto. When I arrived at JFK at noon, I called to tell them I was going to be late because I misread my ticket and I just arrived. They were really courteous about it and changed my reservation to 1:30, but they would take me if I did arrive earlier.

I took a cab from JFK to Brookyln where Tanoreen is located. I arrived at 1:10 and was seated right away. The friendly host took my luggage and put it in the back, which I thought was very nice. I was seated and looked over the menu. Tanoreen was very crowded, but the atmosphere was very friendly. I talked to the waitress and other servers that stopped by my table. We chatted for a little bit, which added to the welcoming feel. I felt welcomed in Tanoreen and the vibe was warm.

I knew I wanted the fish I normally make, so I ordered that and three meat pies (well, one was spinach). I was nervous about the lamb because I'm usually not a lamb fan, but I wanted to try the mini pies since they are a delicacy in the Middle East. They were brought out right away and they were fabulous! The lamb even tasted good and I might have to try other lamb dishes (my mom made lamb once for my Irish great grandma and I got sick after I tried it. It was a stomach bug, but I associated getting sick with lamb and didn't touch it for many years until April 10, 2016 - I know it's usually strong, but the way the lamb pie was made it didn't taste strong at all). I especially loved the spinach pie - all three pies were delicious.

When the fish dish came out, I exclaimed to my waitress how I usually make this dish. I work for a library and we have Chef Rawia Bishara's Olives, Lemon, and Za'atar cookbook. One night in November I wanted to try making something new and picked out this dish. I wanted to try how she made it and learn. I noticed Chef Rawia didn't stuff the fish like I did, but put it to the side for the fish to be dipped in. Chef Rawia was walking around and she stopped by my table to talk to me. I was telling her how I made this dish and I don't yet compare. She smiled and gave me some pointers, which I really appreciated. I can't wait to make this dish again.

For dessert I had this custard called Sahlab that was served with rose water. Oh my goodness, that was amazing too! I also had Arabic coffee since I had a four hour commute back to King of Prussia. It did sustain me!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tanoreen. It's not badly priced, especially for Brooklyn. The atmosphere is warm and vibrant, Chef Rawia is walking around talking to customers, and the food is just amazing. You won't be disappointed!

The view from Brooklyn - the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: April 2016

April has been a very busy month, but very exciting nonetheless. I am going to post some Canada teasers; I will be writing about my Toronto trip at some point this week. I will be breaking them up into days because I think that'll be best. I hope you enjoyed the poems I posted about the trip - that's why I haven't updated my blog about my trip because I've been busy working and writing As Far As The Eyes Can See. Enjoy the teasers tonight and enjoy seeing what I've been up to in April!

Saturday, April 2

I was one strong female. I held the record. :)

Had a nose ring put in... to change up the stud,

Sunday, April 3

Mimi lounging in the sun.

Thursday, April 7
Cool display in Philadelphia.

I had to fly to Atlanta first. I had to go South to go back North. Here I am on the subway in Atlanta.

Cool display in Atlanta as I was running for my flight to Toronto.

Snow on the first night in Toronto. Not much. Bed & Breakfast I stayed in.

The pets: April (cat) and Fendi (dog).

Friday, April 8
Blue Jays home opener vs. Boston Red Sox.

Tim Hortons! So good!

Towel I was given when I entered Rodgers Centre.

My hat is a little too big... I used the towel as a doo-rag.

Michelle! New friend I met. :)

Saturday, April 9
I didn't get an international data plan. I asked someone on the bus where I could find a post office. She pulled it up on her phone and had me take a picture of directions with my phone.

Ripley's Aquarium

Bison bangers and mash that Moe and I split at the CN Tower Restaurant: 360.

Take #1 on observation deck. It was so windy! And cold.

Take #2. Much better.

Yes, I had to be a tourist. :)

Sunday, April 10

Flew into JFK and spent the afternoon in Brooklyn. Went to Tanoreen and tried the dish I normally make. I'll have a blog about it tomorrow. :)

Saturday, April 16 
Mimi is comfortable - she took my space as soon as I woke up.

First time seeing Christina in two years! We saw Underoath.

Sunday, April 17

Thursday, April 21
The walk to the bus.

I was shocked by the breaking news of Prince's death. Everyone in the office and the library were too. RIP Prince.

Wednesday, April 27

Thursday, April 28
What a difference a week makes! Getting lighter earlier. I thought this sunrise was beautiful as I waited for the bus.

 Friday, April 29

Bought a Prince CD. 

Art After 5

My dinner: sliders and a Shirley Temple.

Monsters in the Art Museum gift shop.

Random person I met while waiting for the bus. I loved his Straight Outta sweatshirt, he loved my Polaroid mini pictures and we took a selfie together.

Saturday, April 30

Stopped off for coffee near Everhart Park on my way to Exton. Met this sweet cat. #Caturday #Cattitude #Selfie

When I arrived to Exton Square Mall, the Cub Scouts were having a pinewood box derby and I had to watch. How cool! It was so wonderful see the young boys get excited over their cars. It was nice to see everyone bonding.

One of the outfits I bought for work. Don't worry... I won't wear the Chucks with it.

One shirt I had to buy. It's so true.

My lunch. Chicken, sushi, spring roll, cucumber melon drink.

There was a kiosk that printed out Polaroids from Instagram. I ordered these for my upcoming display in the library. Only $10 for 20 pictures.