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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Art After 5: Elizabeth Hardy Jones

After walking a few blocks from the Vinyl Altar to the bus where I met an older woman that handed me a card to her Buddhist club, then catching a Lyft from Broad Street (the bus dropped me off at Broad Street), I finally arrived to the Philadelphia Museum of Art at 6:30.

Since I had time before the performance began, I decided to make a love note since Friday's theme was called "The Lonely Hearts Club." I sat on the floor with a few children and designed a card. My shoulder was bothering me; eventually, I had to get up and walk around. I walked around the new exhibit: The World of Watercolour. Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking, and I would recommend the exhibit if you find yourself visiting Philadelphia. I wandered around the exhibit until I heard the sound of Elizabeth Hardy Jones's voice and guitar.

I made my way to the Great Stairhall and was transfixed on her performance. The way she played both the keyboard and guitar, her vocals delivering a soulful melody, I loved her style.

It seems like the little children loved her style too.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Visit to the Kawaii Kitty Cafe 2/24/2017

The past few days have been extremely beautiful in the Philadelphia Area - high 60s, low 70s - and I decided to take advantage of the weather yesterday. Since this week was emotionally all over the place, I decided to make reservations for the Kawaii Cat Cafe because cats are the best medicine. I wasn't wrong!

Affigato. Cappuccino and ice cream.

One of the cats was interested.


So glad the Cat Cafe had this sign hanging up...

Close-up of Spaghetti.

Was so glad Spaghetti let me hold her! I was told she could be moody...

...she wasn't moody for me.

We really connected.

Nothing beats a cat's love!

I love this place. I love the cats and I love spending time with the cuties. After I left the Kawaii Kitty Cafe, I decided to walk over to the Vinyl Altar to buy a Mayhem CD. I ended up buying a Mayhem cassette, an Inquisition CD, and a poster for my scrapbook. Nothing beats an evening of cats and heavy metal. :) I thought it was perfect before going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.